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Boston College Football: Notre Dame Watch Party Announced As Part Of Season Ticket Renewal

Tickets to the game are going to be extremely limited, so the Eagles are going to give you a chance to at least be part of the Fenway Park atmosphere on game day against the Fighting Irish.

Andy Lyons/Getty Images

When Boston College plays Notre Dame in the Shamrock Series game at Fenway Park, tickets are going to be hard to come by. For BC season ticket holders, renewal of their policy comes with the option to opt into a lottery for the chance to pay $400 per ticket, a portion of which is tax deductible because it includes a seat license and direct donation to the Flynn Fund.

As an additional option beyond that, however, the Boston College Alumni Association and Student Affairs joined together with the athletics department to host a live game watch event at the House of Blues on Lansdowne Street.

Following the completion of the lottery for the game itself, BC will host a lottery for event tickets to the House of Blues event. Season ticket holders can opt out of the Fenway tickets but opt into the House of Blues and vice-versa. Additionally, BC is not charging people who win the lottery until they confirm that they would like to actually purchase game tickets.

We all know that the ticket policy from BC was and is a public relations mess. We were all well aware that the athletic department would take care of its most prominent donors first while reserving minimal support for the general public. But by putting together a watch party at the House of Blues, Superfans can at least find a place to congregate close to the stadium, thereby enjoying the atmosphere of the game without actually being able to attend.

If you still disagree with the ticketing policy, that's fine, and there are people who are going to be upset from start to finish about not being able to attend the game. But at least BC is doing something to open it up as best as they can for fans. Remember that this game, despite being played in Boston, is a Notre Dame home game. As a result, BC is going to be restricted thanks to the policies of the Fighting Irish, who promote the series as a celebration of the Notre Dame culture.

What are thoughts on this watch party? Are you more likely to congregate with other Superfans at House of Blues? Weigh in with opinions in the comment section.