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BC Football: Three Eagles Make Phil Steele's Preseason All-ACC Team

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Not much love in Steele's publication, but not that surprising.

Rich Barnes-USA TODAY Sports

Phil Steele is a giant in the world of college football publications. His yearly college football preview includes hundreds of pages of data, projections and analysis, really is a must have for the summer. On Monday, Steele released his 2015 Preseason All ACC teams. For the 2nd year in a row, Boston College did not have any 1st team All ACC players, which given the players on the roster is not a surprise.  However BC did have three players receive different accolades.

Connor Wujciak- Defensive Tackle- 2nd Team All ACC

Myles Wills- Kick Returner- 2nd Team All ACC

Jon Hilliman- Running Back- 4th Team All ACC

The Eagles had three players on this list in 2014 (Andy Gallik, Steven Daniels and Bobby Vardaro). Apparently Steele feels like Daniels isn't the same player he was going into the 2014 season.

The selections and placing for Wujciak and Willis makes sense to me. Willis had an unbelievable return last year against Syracuse, and I have a feeling he has a few more of those in him. Wujciak is a fantastic defensive tackle, but is he first team? Probably not at this point.

Hilliman on the other hand, I strongly disagree with. James Conner of Pittsburgh, as BC fans should know clearly deserves to be a first team All ACC, probably All American. Dalvin Cook, also ran for over a 1,000 yards last year, and FSU will score touchdowns. But the rest of the group that finished higher than Jon? All finished with fewer touchdowns than he did. I feel like Hilliman is going to really explode this season, the big question being if the offensive line will be able to open holes for him.

Congrats to the Eagles above.