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Boston College Football #TBT: Boston College at Army, 2012

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When a google search goes HORRIBLY WRONG.

Rob Carr/Getty Images

When I sit down to do the weekly #TBT installment series, I usually come in with a given agenda. For example, when I opened up the series, I watched the 30 for 30 production on The U: Part 2 and remembered how good those Miami teams. Then I remembered how BC got positively destroyed, and thus, the post was born.

Because I didn't want to just relive the losses, I spent the next two weeks talking about great victories. This week, I wasn't sure which direction I wanted to go, so I sat back and let Google tell me what to write about.

Turns out the Google search led me to this highlight:

What was the Google search that led me here? I don't remember. Truth is, as much as I remember what happened after this game and how much we all were lined up to jump off Gasson Hall, I didn't remember the highlight. Why? Because I was wasn't watching. My then-girlfriend (now wife) had something that day at a family member's house, and while I have no clue why we were at a family function, I remember very vividly how that day turned out.

Let's go back to 2012. We still talk about it as singlehandedly being the worst season of Boston College football possibly ever. In a sense, the season was so bad, the Eagles are still trying to recover even as we sit three years later. Knowing BC would struggle that season, the Eagles lost to Miami, then beat Maine to go to 1-1. After losing to Northwestern and Clemson, they were 1-3 heading to Michie Stadium in West Point.

Truth is, at that point, I don't think there was much doubt towards a Boston College victory. Army was coming off a 23-3 loss to Stony Brook and hadn't won a game since the middle of 2011. Of the BCI guys on staff at that point, nobody picked against the Eagles (Joe didn't give us a prediction).

Right off the bat, Army proved itself more capable than we were ready for as fans. After a quick three and out by the amazing Doug Martin offense, Army went 72 yards in nine plays, scoring on a 34-yard run by Larry Dixton to take a 7-0 lead. After Andre Williams pounded the rock into the end zone, the Eagles tied the score at 7-7.

In need of a stop, BC instead coughed up more points. The defense got after quarterback Trent Steelman and caused a fumble, but the Army QB (which is really an oxymoron because Army only just snaps it to another runner) picked it up and went 27 yards into the end zone to make it 14-7. Two drives later, BC tied when Andre Williams went full beast mode, hit the B button turbo, and rumbled 99 yards to tie the game at 14-14.

Army fumbled the ball on the next drive, and after Nate Freese kicked a 25-yard field goal, they started gaining some traction, scoring again to go up 24-14. BC...did nothing with it and had to punt, and Army scored a field goal to pull within a touchdown at hafltime.

Army tied the game with an opening-drive score at 24-24, then went up 27-24 when BC put up a goal line stand. Chase Rettig rallied BC by driving deep into Army territory, setting up Alex Amidon on a 24-yard end around to put BC back on top 31-27.

Despite the last drive heroics by Steelman's 30 yard run, people usually forget that the Eagles had a golden opportunity to ice the game. Army went for it on 4th and 1 after moving with ease, but BC came up with a huge sstop when Sean Sylvia and Mehdi Abdesmad came up with a tackle. But instead of getting a first down to end the game, the Eagles went three yards in seven seconds and punted to the Black Knights. The rest is history.

In retrospect, this game was the unofficial end of Frank Spaziani. He failed to prepare the team for the triple option, and his play-calling was historically bad. The defense gave up more yards to the American army than the Germans at Normandy. At the end of the game, he blamed his players, blaming the game on "execution." He also rambled on about the Army triple option by saying, "It's not like they didn't do anything we weren't ready for, we just didn't execute on plays."

I'll never forget sitting on a deck when my phone vibrated with the BC final score, followed by about 11 text messages from my Dad, who I think may have already been guzzling as many bottles of cheap wine as he could find in the liquor chest. That was the day my future wife found out how deep BC love went because I, too, decided to get hammered and sit in a catatonic state about how "they lost to (expletive) Army." And I didn't even watch the game, which thank God because who knows what would've happened if I did.

So thank Google and the Internet for that.

Anyways, the postscript on this game is probably a lot better and upbeat than we want to think it was. After all, the next week, BC went into their game in Tallahassee as 27.5 underdogs, and FSU came within a touchdown of covering the spread twice in a single game. It eventually led us to Steve Addazio, and that worked out well, right?

As for Army, the Black Knights would win only one other game that season, a 41-21 victory over Air Force at home. They would later cough up 63 points to Temple's offense, which was run by a young coordinator named Ryan Day.

I promise next week will be more positive.