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Boston College Football Releases New Schedule Poster

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I dig it

Via Brent Bailey
Via Brent Bailey

There is a soft spot in my heart for some of the recent Boston College marketing tools that they have used as of late. This year's scheduling poster is no different. For everyone who clamors about the "Boston College way" it has it all. It's pretty cool that they included the "Three F's" on the bottom: Faith, Family, Football. Isn't that what BC Athletics is all about? Love that they are not trying to make our school something that it isn't.

Coloring works as well, with a mostly maroon and gold theme. It's not over the top maroon and gold either, it does a nice job blending in some of the subtler tones.

#PowerofUnity is a pretty solid hashtag as well.  For years the posters have focused on the players, like this one from 2014

Football Poster 2014
and this one from 2011....

BC Marketing Poster
I like that BC went away from the individual players and focused more on the team and stadium as a unified front. Have to wonder if BC marketing will try and utilize this more as well in regards to the team(s). For a fan base that seems to be all over the place, unity is a good theme to latch onto.

Can football season just get here already?