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BC Interruption Two Minute Drill: Talking Anthony Brown, UConn And Mississippi State

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Our weekly banter is here again....

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Dan Rubin: Happy June, everyone. Graduation exercises are over, and summer training programs are beginning. We all know what that means - football is getting even closer and closer. AJ - each week, even though it's close, it still feels far away because of all the news that's happening. We have a lot to get to this week, what with the Hartford Courant reporting that BC is warming to playing UConn, recruiting coordinators, and Mississippi State inking a trip to play UMass, among other things.

Let's start with the UConn news. I think five years ago, the thought of playing the Huskies would be something gross and incomprehensible. But after seeing two FCS schools on the schedule this year and with the success of playing at UMass last year, it looks like people are starting to really like the idea of planting the seeds of a hopeful rivalry with them, if only to reserve a game against an FBS team. I'm sure UConn already is ordering a trophy. What are your thoughts?

AJ Black: I could care less. These middling conference games are all pretty much six of one, half dozen of another for me. Grand scheme of things, UConn/UMass isn't going to sell more tickets than Buffalo/Colorado State. BC has nothing to gain by playing UConn, they are expected to win, and if they lose, well that would be years of therapy for me. Would I love for Addazio to pummel Bob Diaco and the Huskies? Absolutely, but I don't care enough to really have a strong feeling either way.

My bigger issue is the Power 5 scheduling, which BCI reader MattBC03 has hit upon so well. The Eagles are in a major predicament for next season with no clear cut answer presenting itself. Dan, if you could look into a crystal ball, which out of conference teams will BC be playing in 2016?

Dan Rubin: I don't see BC playing an out-of-conference P-5 team in 2016. Remember that the ACC doesn't join the SEC in its requirements for power teams until 2017. Combined with an eight-game schedule, that means the Eagles are in a major bind for scheduling next year. We know the Eagles will play UMass at home, and we're hoping and praying that Northern Illinois game doesn't get moved to 2017.

I think those two games are likely to be there, so I'll throw in an FCS guarantee game against Maine since the Black Bears seem to really enjoy taking this game. That leaves one other game, which I think will either be a road trip to a place like Eastern Michigan or Brigham Young. If it's not a road trip, then we're going to wind up with a second FCS game. I'm mentally prepared for that as a very real possibility.

AJ - you brought up a very good point to me this week. With Mississippi State coming to UMass, my first reaction was flat out anger - I mean, if they're willing to come up here, how could BC drop the ball and completely fan on an opportunity to bring them in? But you made a very good point. This is a school that enjoys themselves some cupcakes. I'll let you take it from there to explain it better.

AJ Black: MSU is a notoriously weak scheduler, so when I saw that they already had BYU on the schedule ( a team the SEC recognizes as a Power 5), I thought the odds of the Bulldogs scheduling BC was slim to none. Just look at MSU's out of conference schedule since 2010. In those five seasons they have had one Power Conference Team, TOTAL! They played Oklahoma State a few years back, got clobbered and that has been it. It's crazy to think a school that clearly uses their OOC as a respite for a grueling SEC schedule will now schedule two P5 teams. In terms of improving their OOC they need to walk before they can run. When they dropped Tulane they were clearly looking for another creampuff, and they got that with UMass. I understand the frustration of the BC fanbase in terms of the scheduling, because the AD has given us literally nothing over the past three years, but honestly I don't think there was anything they could have done to bring MSU to the table. Remember scheduling is a two sided process, just because BC wants it, doesn't mean the Bulldogs have similar goals.

Alright enough grumbling about scheduling Dan. Let's look at recrootin'. After another solid Elite 11 showing, Anthony Brown continues to grow as a recruit. He already has a strong list of offers, will Rivals/247 ever give him that 4th star?

Dan: Doubtful, but only because everyone hates BC recruits.

Seriously, though, the kid has been a beast since committing. If the wire services can't look beyond a statistic here or there or a 40 time or a box jump and what school he's going to, then they're doing a disservice to their constituents. He's a four star guy at any other ACC school in my opinion.

Then again, Matt Ryan, Mark Herzlich, and Luke Kuechly were all three stars...

Sticking with the recruiting theme, there have been a TON of offers flying in the past month from the coaching staff. Two part question for you on this: 1) Do you think Steve Addazio is recruiting to the scheme or just getting "best available" athletes? And 2) Are there any guys you're prioritized and keying in on from the latest batch of offers?

AJ Black: I definitely think that Addazio is looking for specific qualities when he is recruiting. It's definitely for a bigger post than this, but I believe he has certain tangible and intangible qualities that he seeks out when he looks for a recruit. I've heard that in order for a recruit's offer to become commitable they have to meet with Addazio on campus. Guessing he does this in order to get a read on the kid and see if he fits into the system in place. We joke about "Be A Dude", but honestly I believe that is his mantra, and he's not the only guy looking for dudes, Trent Dilfer who runs the Elite 11 QB competition rates the QB's on "Dude Qualities", which sounds awfully similar to what Addazio is doing at BC.

In terms of specific recruits, I've been scouring the feeds on Twitter etc, and some names that I've seen pop up a lot would be K.J. Gray, a wide receiver from St. Peter's in New Jersey (home of Jon Hilliman), and Max Richardson a linebacker out of Georgia. Both were on campus recently, and buzz has been that both are really high on BC. I still think BC will go out and grab a few more offensive linemen and a running back, in terms of higher rated recruits, I think they may be able to snag one there.


AJ: I know you didn't go to BC, but what local bar around the campus is your favorite?

Dan: Coolidge Corner Clubhouse or the Eagle Deli. I still haven't done the challenge burger there, but I want to.

I had a bachelor party this past weekend and we couldn't decide on late night eats with a huge argument over pizza vs. Chinese food. What's your go-to eats for after midnight?

AJ: I'm an old fart now and have to get up early for work so I'm usually in bed before midnight, but when I do stay up I go for a hot roast beef sandwich and fries. Around BC this was sorely lacking but up and down Route 1 there are a bunch and up in the North Shore they are everywhere. And don't give me that cold roast beef crap. Has to be warm, with cheese and sauce, on an onion roll.

I want to get a hold of Steve Addazio's IPod to see what he listens to before a game. Any guesses what some of the tracks would be?

Dan: Total Dude Music. Aerosmith, Led Zeppelin, Grand Funk Railroad. Stuff that you would hear on both Classic Vinyl and Classic Rewind on SiriusXM.

It would be awesome if he had a guilty pleasure of, like, Taylor Swift though.

AJ: Or DMX. That would be amazing.