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Boston College Football: Bowl Berth Next Season - Don't Bet On It?

Offshore gambling site 5Dimes says the over/under of wins is 5.5 - which would still have the Eagles potentially short of a third consecutive bowl berth.

Rich Barnes-USA TODAY Sports

When Boston College released its 2015 football schedule, there were obvious complaints about the quality and caliber of home opponents. Because they are set to host two FCS-level teams, the Eagles need to win seven games and finish two games over .500 in order to qualify for a bowl game.

Gambling sites took notice and offshore sportsbook 5Dimes installed the Eagles as unlikely to make a third consecutive bowl game, having set the over/under at 5.5 wins.

BC is also listed at -135 to finish over 5.5 wins, which may or may not make them bowl eligible. If they were to lose one of the FCS games, they would still be able to make a bowl game as long as they won five games against FBS opponents. If they lose both, they would still have to finish 6-6. BC is -105 to finish with under that 5.5 win total (five or less wins).

If they lose both, we're also very likely to have to have Steve Addazio standing at the Zakim Bridge yelling, "Remain calm! All is well!" to prevent us from jumping.

The negative odds on both show the uncertainty with which Boston College is set to enter this season. While five wins is essentially set as the benchmark by the site, BC is just as equally likely to finish with less wins than more. That then means that the prediction is likely a five or six win season.

On a -130 money line, a $100 bet would pay back only $176.92 - a profit gain of under the original bet. Likewise, a $100 bet on the -105 money line to finish under 5.5 wins would pay back $195.24 - a profit gain of $95.24. That means BC is both favored to finish above and below the listed over/under.

Of the rest of the ACC teams, Florida State leads the way with an over/under of 9.5 wins, but their +100 indicates they're unlikely to win double digit games. Likewise, Clemson is listed at 8.5 with a +130 of the under, meaning they're heavily favored to finish with nine wins or more.

Here are all of the over/unders and money lines for the ACC:

Team Over/Under Wins Total Money Line Over Money Line Under
Boston College 5.5 -135 -105
Clemson 8.5 -170 +130
Duke 7 -150 +110
Florida State 9.5 +100 -140
Georgia Tech 7.5 -160 +120
Louisville 7.5 +105 -145
Miami 5.5 -160 +120
North Carolina 8 -115 -125
NC State 7.5 -105 -135
Pittsburgh 6 -120 -120
Syracuse 4.5 -125 -115
Virginia 4.5 -115 -125
Virginia Tech 8 +105 -145
Wake Forest 3.5 -125 -115

A link to the odds for all 128 FBS teams can be found by clicking here.