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BC Interruption Two Minute Drill: 100 Days Until Kickoff Edition

We are getting closer to the dog days of summer, and as we do, more and more football talk is on the way!

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Dan Rubin: Well, AJ, I hijacked the beginning of this week's edition, but I just couldn't help myself. We're about to go under triple digits! 100 days until the start of football season! Feels like just yesterday we were complaining about the schedule and now I'm getting into full prep mode. I don't care who's on the schedule since I just want to get back to football. Feels good doesn't it?

AJ Black: Oh yes, as a local sports fan the start of the season couldn't get here fast enough. Between being knocked silly with Deflategate nonsense, the Red Sox playing like garbage, and this new FIFA corruption scandal, I could use some college football. Nothing beats having my entire September weekend schedule hijacked by trips to Alumni Stadium, and I am happy to say that there is a strong possibility that I'll be heading down to Clemson this year.

Recruiting had a big week, with two new commits heading to BC. Justin Rowland, and Eagle in Atlanta both touched on Steve Addazio's strategy regarding commits. Apparently Addazio wants to commits to basically be very strong, and not plan on visiting other colleges. This may impact BC's ability to get some of those blue chip recruits who want to keep it open as long as possible. What do you think of this philosophy Dan?

Dan: I'll be honest - I don't love it. I think if you want to shoot high, you need to be able to go wire-to-wire with recruits. It'll severely inhibit your ability to go after certain guys. Then again, you're getting guys you feel are the right fit for your program and you're getting guys who are 100% committed to Boston College. There's something to be said for that philosophy; at least you know those guys aren't going to cut and run when the going gets tough. So maybe I don't like it as my personal theory, but I absolutely respect it and think it can be successful.

Speaking of recruiting, there was something really interesting this past week that came up. It turns out coaches can only host camps within a certain radius of their school, but they can be "guest speakers" anywhere in the country. That means guys like Jim Harbaugh can go be "guest speakers" in the fertile south at some other camp. Do you have any thoughts on this and what do you think about BC's involvement in the summer camp game?

AJ: I think the summer camp programs are a huge part of recruiting, not necessarily for those top recruits, but really narrowing down your focus on kids that fit the profile of your program. These camps give not only the players a chance to see what the school is like, but they also give coaches a first hand glimpse at what upcoming recruits could bring, and see if they are someone worthwhile to bring to the school.

In terms of being a guest speaker, I'm not sure what Addazio has done in the past, but I believe it would be great exposure for the program if he hit a few camps in BC's pipeline states outside of New England. Places like Georgia, Florida and now Texas would be perfect spots for Addazio, and he has such a boisterous and likeable personality that it would certainly help market BC.

Speaking of marketing Dan, with 100 days left, BC is going to have to start to sell this upcoming season in terms of ticket sales. How is BC going to possibly

Dan: They'll need to make a splash. The marketing team is taking a beating lately after the two-FCS schedule and the whole thing with the Notre Dame game. I think Florida State provides them the best opportunity for that.

I think they'll use those first two games to try out and refine some new initiatives, similar to how they used the Pittsburgh game as a test run for the USC game. That FSU game has to be television ready to make the splash that will rumble through the rest of the season.

So look for some special promotions to kick into high gear, and look for BC to start advertising some more selling points. We will likely see some great YouTube videos at some point, and we will also likely see them sponsor something like Sports Hub headlines on local radio. I think we are very likely to see a special focus on the Noles as a way to really build the atmosphere for that game.

AJ - we know Steve Addazio is a camera friendly coach. Where does he rank in terms of public profiles for you opposite some of the other coaches' images?

AJ Black: I think Addazio has done a nice job getting himself out there and becoming the face of the school. The appearances on ESPN Car Wash, and other vehicles has been good but I still think there is room for growth there. He is certainly a likeable coach, which gives him a leg up on many of the pro coaches in town who are either abrasive (Belichick) or elusive (Claude Julien). In terms of recent BC coaches, I have to rate him up there with Jags in terms of likeability, a factor that will only increase when he wins. TOB was a bore to listen to, and I kind of blacked out anything from 2009-2012.

Dan, final question. The basketball team recently lost Preston Murphy to another job. Looking at the coaching staff including Addazio, who do you think is most likely to get a new job?

Dan: That's a tough question because this is usually unpredictable in football. Don Brown used to be a head coach, but I think he's become an elite career coordinator given his last stops. Todd Fitch could be a popular choice to take a new job like how Ryan Day matriculated to the NFL. But I'm going with Al Washington. Some believe he should have been named the offensive coordinator over Fitch, and he's a solid recruiter. I think he's due and given his relative youth, that energy will translate somewhere, even if it's not BC.

No Huddle Offense

AJ: Recently I had an argument with my father in law about music. Who is a more influential artist Michael Jackson or the Beatles? (I said the Beatles)

Dan: The Beatles. They reinvented themselves through experimentation and Lennon and McCartney remain the gold standard for songwriting. Old Beatles and Late Beatles are completely distinct from one another and both are GOOD.

I know you're a fan of good rap so hopefully you can settle an argument for me too. My wife loves Nas and Biggie. I love Tupac. East coast or west coast wins?

AJ: This is a tough question. I love West Coast Hip Hop, with Dre/Snoop/2pac and Warren G, but my god if the question is best coast? I have to stick with the East. And it all has to do with one rap group you didn't mention. The Wu Tang Clan. Every member is awesome, and you can't beat 36 Chambers.

Summer movies are just starting to kick off. Which movie are you most excited to catch this summer?

Dan: Ari Gold is back! Entourage comes out June 3rd.

AJ: ......