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Boston College Football: Report Says WR/TE Dan Crimmins No Longer With Team

Big blow to a young receiving corp

Bob DeChiara-USA TODAY Sports

Boston College football received a big blow today as the ACC Journal reports that wide receiver/tight end Dan Crimmins is no longer with the team.

The article has information behind a pay wall but the part that is public says that there is no word on why Crimmins is no longer on the team, or if he will ever be back but it has been reportedly confirmed by a team spokeswoman. The senior, finished the 2014 season 2nd on the Eagles in receptions with 25. That leaves Sherm Allston as the leading receiver for the 2014 season, and a whole bunch of questions marks after him on the depth chart.

Earlier in the spring the 6'5 Crimmins was moved on the roster from WR to tight end, a position BC looked to improve especially in the pass catching department. The loss of Crimmins leaves a giant question mark at the tight end position, leaving BC to choose between Michael Giacone, Louie Addazio, and Cameron Croteau, none of whom had a catch in 2014. They could also look at Tom Sweeney, a red shirt freshman who only had 8 catches his senior season at Don Bosco in New Jersey.

Boston College does not have a lot of proven depth at either wide receiver or tight end. That is not to say there isn't a lot of talent there, there could be, it's just not proven yet. However, the loss of Dan Crimmins could be a big blow for the Eagles.