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BC Interruption Two Minute Drill: Talking Everett Golson, Cookouts And Jon Hilliman

Another conversation about Boston College football.

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Happy Monday, everyone. We're here to talk Boston College football again.

AJ Black: We are now officially more than halfway through the offseason, but of course the Boston College football talk is still red hot. Let's get this started.

Dan-o, Boston College Football released the starting times for the first trio of games. Most notably, Florida State will be kicking off at 8pm. BC came painfully close to beating the Seminoles in 2014, and held their own in 2013. Florida State lost a ton of talent to the draft; could this be the year that the Eagles finally upset FSU?

Dan Rubin: You know, I've made a living off making bold predictions. Florida State was absolutely ravaged by the NFL. Of the 47 draft picks coming out of the ACC, nearly a full quarter of them played last year in Tallahassee. The Noles have to replace their quarterback, running back, tight end, three offensive linemen, two defensive linemen, two defensive backs, and a couple of wideouts.

My first inkling is to say absolutely not because BC has to replace their entire offense for a second straight season, and the defense might've lost just enough to struggle early in the season. I talked about my areas of concern, especially in light of the numbers, in defensive breakdown last week.

But here's the thing: Steve Addazio is a master alchemist when it comes to devising a team, and if he has the team firing on all cylinders...well, stranger things have happened. He's also had to do this once before with building a team from scratch. I felt FSU relied too much on the individual's talent last year, and a good T-E-A-M can beat them. Taking away that talent, maybe this is finally it. So in the interest of a bold prediction, I'm going to say BC can absolutely upset FSU this year.

This is something I feel you and I will break down and change our mind on a few times over the next couple months. Am I just crazy or are you getting into what I'm smoking?

AJ Black: I am riding the same crazy train you are, Dan. Addazio came razor-close to winning last year; the team just ran out of gas in the final minutes, and oh yeah a missed field goal, and whatever that trick play was. I think the big question mark for FSU will be the quarterback position. If Sean McGuire is the starting quarterback in 2015, I like BC's chances, because he doesn't appear to be an elite game changing quarterback like Jameis Winston was. However, if Everett Golson is the starter, then the chances greatly decrease. Speaking of which, if/now that he is the QB, how do you think Everett Golson changes the dynamic in the ACC Atlantic?

Dan: You know, I have no idea how to feel. On one hand, I want to believe that bringing in Golson isn't a big deal, that he wasn't that great at Notre Dame, that they collapsed after starting the year as the #5 team in the nation. On the other hand, he was a Heisman candidate for much of the year, and he's a very good quarterback. He's a dual threat, which makes him the right fit for the Jimbo spread. It's a smart move and a good move for FSU.

But I have no idea how to feel about it. I still think Maguire deserved a chance, that he paid his dues, that he showed he was very capable in his only start last year when Jameis was suspended. Maguire handled the situation very well, especially because Jameis showed up in pads for warmups like a bonehead, then went out on the field and looked good. As a junior, too, it should be his time.

Does he really help this team? Or is this a Yankee-like overreaction to getting the best available free agent? I think Golson is a great QB, but yet if you asked me if I want him for BC, I would unequivocally say no because I really don't feel he helps the long term development of Wade or is key to Steve Addazio's mission here. With Golson, I still don't think FSU wins the Atlantic, and I'll even disagree that BC's chances at victory diminish. Yet he's a Heisman trophy mention. Someone straighten me out here!

AJ: Today is graduation and many of BC's greats from the past year are going to get their diplomas and head off to the NFL or otherwise. What player from the past season are you going to miss the most? I'll answer my own question: I'm going to miss watching Andy Gallik. When I think of how Steve Addazio and Justin Frye rebuilt the offensive line, I look to Gallik as the centerpiece the previous two seasons. He was the one who took the big jump from a guy who looked lost under Frank Spaziani to a monster that was one of the top centers in the country. He turned that line from a sieve into a gritty powerhouse that brought back memories of BC lines of year's past. Will BC have other linemen like Gallik? Sure. But I really appreciate the mentality that he brought back to BC offensive linemen.

Dan: I watched Manny Asprilla from his time at Everett High. He was the best Massachusetts DB I ever saw, a solid wideout, and one of the main cogs for the 2010 Super Bowl up here. You obviously worry about a Massachusetts guy being able to make it as a D1 player, But he developed into a solid cornerback and a fine young man. I love that I essentially watched him grow up on the football field, and the lasting memory is that he ended his BC career giving those red bandana cleats to the parents of Welles Crowther.

Coming from a guy who grew up in the area of Malden and Everett, even though I'm a very proud Malden Catholic guy, I hope we get more results like that. #EverettPride

Alright AJ, my turn to ask a question. Guy you're most excited about that's coming back next year?

AJ Black: Damn it, Dan. That's a tough one. I'm going to have to pick one from each side of the ball. On the defensive side I am really excited to see what Kevin Kavalec will do this year. In the span of a year he went from a no name to arguably BC's best pass rusher. I only see him improving from here. I think given the talent around him he could easily get double digit sacks this season. Probably will, and should grab a handful against Howard and Maine.

On offense it's got to be Jon Hilliman. As much as I've blocked the Pinstripe Bowl out of my mind, his performance was amazing, and that was against the best rushing defense in the country. With a year of weight training and practice under him, I feel bad for the defenses he is going to face. Will he have a year like Andre Williams? Probably not, but I expect him to put up All-ACC numbers in 2015.

No Huddle Offense

AJ: Alright Dan, Mad Men ended last night, a show many people salivated over. I never watched it. What was your favorite TV show of all time?

Dan: 24. Nothing beat those middle seasons when Jack killed something like 60 guys in a single season. If we're going more classic, I do love me some M*A*S*H, which is my dad's favorite show.

Temperatures hitting up into the 80s over last weekend meant everyone was hitting the sun and fat guys like me sweat through a couple of shirts. I know you love hitting winter slopes, but are you a beach or pool guy for the summer?

AJ: I'm a beach guy. Honestly more like a beach on a lake kind of guy.

Finally Dan, Memorial Day is this weekend, and for many it's the start of BBQ season. Two part question. What do you call the actual act of grilling meat? Second what is your go to grilled food item.

Dan: We just call it heaven.

I've never met a meat I don't like but give me a good steak and a beer on the hammock with a good round of golf and I'll show you a happy man.