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Boston College WR Bobby Swigert's Incredible Road To Recovery

Guy is a dude.

Mark L. Baer-USA TODAY Sports

Do you remember Bobby SwigertESPN's Andrea Adelson had an interesting piece yesterday on his recovery. Let's recap this pretty remarkable story.

In 2012 in a game against Notre Dame he went down to the turf clutching his knee. Everything was torn. No seriously every tendon and ligament that holds the knee was shredded, except for the PCL. It was a horrific injury, but one that looked like he was going to be able to rehab and return from. Until the staph infection hit. Doctors cleared that up around his knee, and again it looked like he would be okay. And then ANOTHER staph infection hit.

The surgeries and recovery have been going on for the past three years. He has been wheelchair bound, he dropped from 200 pounds to 158. But according to the report, he has attended every game and practice since the injury, but the big news is that this will be the first year that he has been ready to fully practice with the team.

The story cites that Swigert was nervous that when Frank Spaziani was fired, and Addazio came aboard, that he was going to be casted aside. But that was not the case, as Coach Addazio showed what character and integrity is all about at Boston College

Addazio never considered it, thanks in part to assistant Ryan Day, who helped recruit Swigert to BC during a previous stint. Shortly after Addazio was hired, he visited Swigert in the hospital. That gesture meant so much to Swigert's grandmother, she wrote a letter to Addazio and the school expressing her gratitude.

"He barely knew Bobby, but he was there for him," said Kerry Swigert, Bobby's mom. "He told Bobby that he had had staph in his knee. He said, ‘I've been through this, you'll get through this.' We really respect Coach Addazio. He said, ‘You're one of my kids.' It's always been like that with him."

What we as BC fans can expect from Swigert this fall still remains to be seen. Adelson reports that Swigert has arthritis in his knee, which wears a brace. Bobby acknowledged that his is still understandably hesitant making cuts, but you have to imagine with repetition he will feel more and more comfortable on the field. BC has a big need at wide receiver this year with the loss of Josh Bordner and Shakim Phillips. Swigert would be a welcome addition on the field.

People love inspirational stories. Who doesn't remember Mark Herzlich storming out of the tunnel against Weber State after his battle with cancer? While Swigert's story may not seem as life threatening at #94's, his story is still one of perservarance and fortitude. When the Eagles take the field against Maine to open the 2015 season, many fans may rise to their feet to root on an Eagle that many had forgotten. #10, Bobby Swigert will be back, and all Eagle fans will be thinking is: Soar, Swigert, Soar.