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Boston College Recruiting: Looking At The Scholarship Situation, Offense

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National Signing Day has come and gone, and the Boston College squad is set for the upcoming season (barring any late transfers). Now, the question on everyone's mind is who will be playing what position and for how long? To help visualize the Boston College depth chart and roster, we will break it down in two posts, starting today with the offense.


QB 2015 2016 2017 2018
1 Darius Wade- So. Darius Wade- Jr. Darius Wade Sr. Troy Flutie- Sr.
2 Troy Flutie- R. Fr.  Troy Flutie- So.  Troy Flutie- Jr. Elijah Robinson- Sr.
3 Elijah Robinson- Fr. Elijah Robinson- So.. Elijah Robinson- Jr. Jeff Smith- Jr.
4 Jeff Smith-  Jeff Smith- R. Fr. Jeff Smith- So.

2015 analysis: The Eagles struck early during the recruiting season, grabbing both Robinson and Smith to bolster a young corp of quarterbacks. All signs point to Darius Wade starting this fall, but of course there are those out there that believe that Troy Flutie will be get his chance. Of course this will all play out during the spring and summer months. Given the inexperience at the position, you have to imagine that Steve Addazio and Todd Fitch will want to go into the season with three quarterbacks. Elijah Robinson is already practicing with the team, so you have to imagine that he will be available to play in the fall if need be.

Running Backs

HB 2015 2016 2017 2018
Myles Willis- Jr. Myles Willis- Sr. Jon Hilliman- Sr. Jordan Gowins- Jr.
David Dudeck- Sr. Tyler Rouse- Sr. Marcus Outlow- Sr.
Tyler Rouse- Jr. Jon Hilliman- Jr. Richard Wilson- Sr.
Jon Hilliman- So. Marcus Outlow- Jr. Jordan Gowins- So.
Marcus Outlow- So. Richard Wilson- Jr.
Richard Wilson-So. Jordan Gowins- R. Fr.
Jordan Gowins- 

2015 Analysis: Inevitably the offers were going to be slim just a year after Steve Addazio went out and grabbed three running backs. Jordan Gowins is a kid that Addazio was high on from the beginning, and got him to commit early. But given the depth BC has at the position, Gowins probably won't be seeing much playing time this season, and most likely will be saved for 2016. This position will probably be one BC can grab a high level recruit this year as David Dudeck will be graduating and Tyler Rouse and Myles WIllis will be down to their final year of eligibility.

Wide Receivers

WR 2015 2016 2017 2018
Bobby Swigert- Sr. Charles Callinan- Jr. Charles Callinan- Sr. Nolan Borgersen- Sr.
Harrison Jackson- Sr. Drew Barksdale- Jr. Gabe McClary- Sr. Chris Garrison- Sr.
Charles Callinan- So. Gabe McClary- Jr. Sherm Allston- Sr. Ben Glines- Sr.
Drew Barksdale- Jr. Sherm Allston- Jr. Thadd Smith- Sr.
Dan Crimmins- Sr. Thadd Smith- Jr. Nat Dixon- Sr.
Gabe McClary- So. Nat Dixon- Jr. Nolan Borgersen- Jr.
Sherm Allston- So. Nolan Borgersen-So. Chris Garrison- Jr.
Thadd Smith-So. Chris Garrison- So.  Ben Glines- Jr.
Chris Garrison- Fr. Ben Glines- So.

Nolan Borgersen- Fr.
Ben Glines- Fr.

2015 Analysis: BC lost major contributors at the end of the 2014 season with the graduation of Josh Bordner and Shakim Phillips. There are a whole bunch of question marks going into this season. Will Bobby Swigert be able to play? What will a healthy Harrison Jackson be able to contribute? Will any of the sophomores be able to step up into reliable targets? Will Todd Fitch utilize Allston more than last year? What will Nolan Borgersen bring given that he is playing in the spring? Certainly this is going to be a position to watch going into spring ball.

Tight Ends

TE 2015 2016 2017 2018
Louie Addazio- Sr. Joel Rich- Jr. Joel Rich- Sr. Tommy Sweeney- Sr.
Michael Giacone- Sr. Tommy Sweeney- So. Tommy Sweeney- Jr. Jake Burt- Jr.
Joel Rich- RS So. Austin Chapman- So.. Austin Chapman- Jr. Austin Chapman- Sr.
Tommy Sweeney- R Fr. Cameron Croteau- Sr. Jake Burt- So.
Austin Chapman- R Fr. Jake Burt- R. Fr.
Cameron Croteau- Jr.
Jake Burt-  

2015 Analysis: BC didn't lose any depth here from last year, as both Addazio and Giacone will be returning.  Addazio clearly values his offensive lineman as blockers, but he also has shown that he can use them as offensive weapons if the skill set is there. Not sure why the TE's weren't targeted last year, whether it was a scheme choice or a personnel decision. This year's crew has more options, but not sure if any of them are considered "receiving tight ends."

Offensive Linemen

OL 2015 2016 2017 2018
Harris Williams- GS Jon Baker- Jr. Jon Baker- Sr. James Hendren- Sr.
Dave Bowen- Sr. James Hendren- So. James Hendren- Jr. Sam Schmal- Sr.
Jon Baker- So. Sam Schmal- So. Sam Schmal- Jr. Chris Lindstrom-Sr.
Frank Taylor- Sr. Chris Lindstrom- So. Chris Lindstrom- Jr. Wyatt Knopfke- Jr.
James Hendren- R. Fr. Wyatt Knopfke- R-Fr. Wyatt Knopfke- So. Aaron Monteiro- Jr.
Jim Cashman- Sr. Aaron Monteiro-R-Fr. Aaron Monteiro- So. Anthony Palazzolo- Jr.
Sam Schmal- R. Fr. Anthony Palazzolo- R-Fr. Anthony Palazzolo- So. John Phillips- Jr.
Chris Lindstrom- Fr. John Phillips- R. Fr. John Phillips- So.
Wyatt Knopfke-  
Aaron Monteiro-  
Anthony Palazzolo-  
John Phillips-  

2015 Analysis: Tons of questions going into 2015 with this group. BC loses a huge chunk of their offensive linemen with the graduations of Andy Gallik, Bobby Vardaro, Aaron Kramer, and Seth Betancourt. Harris Williams should be able to get another year of eligibility if he/the team wants it. Getting him back should be huge. BC addressed these holes by grabbing five offensive linemen in 2015. Chris Lindstrom is already on campus and practicing, so I wouldn't be surprised if he gets time this fall. Looking ahead, BC probably will go after two more linemen for the 2016 recruiting class.

Final Thoughts

There are a lot of question marks on offense going into 2015. The loss of Tyler Murphy leaves the Eagles with a major question mark at QB, and it will be up to the coaching staff to prepare Darius Wade/Troy Flutie to be successful. The running back and tight end positions should be fine, but what about wide receivers and offensive linemen? This will be Steve Addazio's third rebuild of an offense in three years. Should be interesting to see what iteration he throws out there this season.