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Boston College Football Roundtable: Low Point Of The Season

There were a lot of oofs this year, what was the worst?

Gregory Fisher-USA TODAY Sports

The season is over, and there were many many many lowpoints on the road to a 3-9 record. Let's take a look at what the writers believe were the lowest of the low.

AJ: The End Of The Wake Forest game. Believe me, there were quite a few moments I wanted to select as well (Wade's injury, the end of the Duke game being a few), but this was worst. You got everything all wrapped into one on this series of plays. Troy Flutie fumbled what should have been an easy first down, BC's defense miraculously bailed them out, and then the coaching staff completely screwed up the play calling on the one yard line. Just horrendous.

Dan: Losing to Wake. In my levels of panic article, Wake Forest is really Exhibit A for when everyone really started losing their minds. A 3-0 game down to the wire, with BC really puking on their shoes in the last 15 seconds in every possible way. After Howard, everyone in college sports had a good laugh because of the score. After watching what happened to BC, everyone had a good laugh again, for a completely different reason. Thank God Rutgers spiked the ball on fourth down to take some of the shade away from BC.

Joe: Has to be the end of the Wake Forest game. That was probably the dumbest thing I've seen in all my years of watching BC football. That was also the moment when the season fully circled the drain and any hopes of salvaging anything from it went out the window.

Arthur: I honestly don't know how you can say anything different than the Wake Forest game. Just the total absurdity of everything that happened for the Eagles down the stretch. I am still at a complete loss for words of how bad that ending was for the Eagles. For what it's worth, that's around the time the team really lost the students.

What do you think was the lowest point? Leave your comments below.