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Conference Championship Saturday: Rooting Guide For Boston College Fans

Big slate of games this weekend who should BC fans be rooting for?

Joshua S. Kelly-USA TODAY Sports

Conference championship Saturday is here, and there is a slate of great games on the docket today. Clearly Boston College is done for the season, but let's look at the games and see who BC fans should be rooting for.

AAC Championship: Houston vs. Temple

A team filled with numerous Addazio recruits in the championship game. This seems like a no-brainer. Then again, if you just hate Addazio with every ounce of your being like many on this board seem to do, you might just want to go with Houston and their brand of hucka-chucka football. Root for: Temple

ACC Championship: Clemson vs. North Carolina

This game probably has the most implications for the Eagles. If Clemson doesn't win this one, there is a strong possibility that the ACC will be left out of the CFB Playoffs. All ACC schools should root for this to happen, as it lifts the prestige of the conference, which will help in recruiting in the future. Root for: Clemson

Big Ten Championship: Iowa vs. Michigan State

A team that has a killer defense, weak passing attack and elite rushing attack. Sounds familiar. You have to go with the team that is the under dog and has the blue print BC seems to following. Root for: Iowa

SEC Championship: Florida vs. Alabama

Just in general it's hard to root for Alabama. Florida has the Addazio connection, which is now weak at best. Still, don't want to root for the Tide. Root for: Florida

PAC 12 Championship: Stanford vs. USC

This is an easy one, ex-blog dad Brian Favat is now an employee of Stanford. Plus Stanford is an offense that BC should emulate. Go Trees. Root for: Stanford

Leave your predictions and game thoughts in the comment section below.