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Don Brown To Michigan: Possible Candidates For Boston College Defensive Coordinator

Who could BC replace Don Brown with?

Jamie Rhodes-USA TODAY Sports

The dominos have fallen, and Boston College's defensive coordinator will reportedly become Michigan's next defensive coordinator. This move is not something that should be much of a surprise as it was clear that Brown's services would be sought out on the open market after the season. Now Boston College has a huge task, hiring or promoting Don Brown's replacement. Let's take a look at some of the possibilities.

Current Staff Members

There are only two current staff members that may take the role Brown vacated. Linebacker coach Coleman Hutzler has already left the program to join Will Muschamp at Florida. I've also heard people mention Al Washington as a possibility. While he did play defense at Boston College, all of his significant coaching experience has been on the offensive side of the ball, and I would imagine BC would want someone with more experience.

Kevin Lempa (DB Coach)- A lifetime coordinator/assistant, Lempa brings the most experience from the staff. He has been a defensive coordinator twice, with Columbia and Hawaii. Helped turn around BC's CB from middle of the road to elite in 2015. Not necessarily the kind of experience that Addazio will want at this position.

Ben Albert (DL Coach)- A true Don Brown disciple, he has spent time with Brown both at BC and at UMass. Young and energetic, has helped build an elite group on the defensive line. However he has never been a DC. Will BC be his first chance?

The Addazio Family Tree

Chuck Heater (Marshall DC)- Worked with Addazio at Temple, where he helped build a defense that ranked 14th in the country in 2012. Reportedly is only being paid $200k by Marshall which would make him a very manageable coach to hire if Addazio wants to bring in a familiar face.

Teryl Austin (Current Detroit Lions DC)- This is kind of a shot in the dark here, but Austin worked with Addazio on Florida's staff in 2010. If Detroit fires the entire coaching staff, which could be a distinct possibility given that the team is underperforming, he could be a a real steal for the Eagles.

Why Not?

Randy Edsall (Currently Unemployed)- Not working, could build up his resume by continuing on Brown's tradition. Has experience at BC, has recruited the northeast. Win win right?

Al Golden (Currently Unemployed)- Another former defensive coordinator with BC links, has experience recruiting both in the Northeast and in Florida. Needs to seriously rebuild his image after a bad stint at the U. Plus is Addazio ends up not being the answer, you may have your replacement already on staff.

Jon Tenuta (Former UVA DC)- Credit to Bill at Eagle in Atlanta for this one, UVA has had a good defense for years and Tenuta's aggressive schemes have been the reason.

Frank Spaziani (Currently Unemployed)- Has experience with school, former coa.......I kid I kid.....