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Boston College Football Post Mortem: Most Improved Player

It was a tough year, but we certainly saw player improvement

Matt Cashore-USA TODAY Sports

The season is over, the 3-9 record has been posted, but even with the terrible record BC had players show improvement. Let's take a look at who the writers believed took the biggest jump.

AJ: Matt Milano. I remember before the season that when analyzing the defense one of the biggest concerns was the outside linebacker position. Milano was an unknown. But he is a play maker, and possibly the most exciting player on this team. Near the end of the year almost everyone knew his name, and he will be the leader of the defense going into next season.

Dan: Kamrin Moore. Prior to Maine, I remember saying (maybe in print, maybe just in person) that I was concerned about the BC secondary being so young. I talked about Lukas Denis for the sole purpose that I love Greater Boston football alumni. I didn't know anything about Moore. By the time the season ended, though, who among us don't view him as a potential gamebreaker? He is big, physical, and fast. He can play with any top receiver in the conference, and prior to his injury, he was shutting everyone down. He brings a type of edge to his game that I genuinely love to see, and I can't wait to see him recover from his season-ending injury to return to the lineup.

Joe: I'll echo AJ and say Matt Milano, but there are a lot of defensive players who made huge steps up. Milano now suddenly is thrust into stardom on this team after having a breakout year.

Arthur: Alex Howell. He turned into a really dependable punter, and frequently gave the Eagles defense a lot of room to work with. For a team that had an absolutely horrid year special teams wise, Howell was a bright spot.

Were there any we missed? Any snubs? Leave your thoughts in the comments!