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Should Boston College Football Use The Fenway Uniforms Permanently?

Cast your vote!

Matt Cashore-USA TODAY Sports

Is there anyone out there who didn't like BC's throwback uniforms against Notre Dame?

Perhaps it was the juxtaposition against Notre Dame's horrendous threads that gave us the good feels. But there was a lot to like. The old-style helmet with no stripe. The old interlocking BC. Simple, easy-to-read numbers. An aesthetically pleasing gold. It was a good design from top to bottom.

BC added the helmet stripe in the first place to distinguish itself from Notre Dame's golden domes... but the fact is, they look nothing like the Willy Wonka eggs Notre Dame wears.

Anyway, BC's uniform was just... well put together.

So let's take it the next step: Should BC switch to the Fenway uniform full-time? Boston College football doesn't have a uniform with untouchable history. The helmet alone changed with under armor, and the numbers have gone through so many iterations I don't even remember what they were when I was a student.

So what do you think? Like the uniforms enough to want BC to switch permanently? Vote below!