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Five Good Minutes: Talking Notre Dame Football With One Foot Down

Talking Notre Dame Football with an expert.....

Matt Cashore-USA TODAY Sports

Patrick from One Foot Down, SB Nation's Notre Dame blog, talked to us about Saturday's matchup at Fenway Park. Be sure to check out their site for all things Fighting Irish.

BC Interruption: Both BC and Notre Dame have been bit by the injury bug this year. What were some of the bigger injuries the Irish have suffered, and how have they moved past it?

One Foot Down: Who hasn't been injured is a better question? I'll give some bullet points here:

Malik Zaire, starting QB - Deshone Kizer has really stepped up and filled the shoes of Zaire. Most thought the season was over when he went down, but now we're already discussing a potential QB logjam next season.

Tarean Folston, starting RB - CJ Prosise has come up huge as a not-natural RB, and with his recent injuries, freshman Josh Adams has also played well

Jarron Jones, starting DT - This one is a little less clear, but several players have stepped up to fill his shoes.

In general, how the Irish have responded to the injury woes has been truly impressive. It's been a testament to the great depth that Brian Kelly has built up over the years at ND.

BC Interruption: Lots of talk leading up to this game is about ND's chances of making the CFB Playoffs and their similar resume to Oklahoma. State why ND should make it over OU.

One Foot Down: For most ND fans it boils down to:

We kicked Texas's ass, they lost to Texas
Our schedule is more difficult from top-to-bottom (very arguable, in my opinion, but its an argument people have)
Big 12 will get beat up for having a ton of cupcakes on their schedule which will keep them out of the top 4.

For me personally, I think the Irish would have a better loss with comparable wins, and a common opponent with a large disparity in result. That being said, as Al Davis put it, "Just win baby". Losing in Death Valley to Clemson took the playoffs out of the Irish's own control, so all ND can do is go 11-1 and cheer for some chaos.

BC Interruption: Will Fuller is possibly one of the best WR's in the country. What makes him so dangerous?

One Foot Down: Hot, nasty, badass speed. He can blow the top off of any defense/CB in the country (including Adoree Jackson three times). He amazing at catching the ball over the shoulder and knows how to use his body if he has to high point an underthrown ball. He is also fearless on screens, and often finds the smallest gaps to make a ton of extra yards running among the big guys in the middle of the field.

BC Interruption:. How are ND fans and the program feeling about playing at Fenway Park, basically in BC's backyard?

One Foot Down: Like most of the other Shamrock Series games, I think ND fans are viewing this as a great opportunity to see the Irish in an awesome environment where their program is on showcase. Something a little different from the stuffy capital T Tradition that we are so well known for. It is interesting that we're playing BC in their own city but it's a home game for ND; basically prime bulletin board material courtesy of our AD.

BC Interruption: Alright, prediction time. What have you got?

One Foot Down: Obviously BC's defense gives every team they face a ton of trouble, but their offense doesn't quite put the fear of God into anyone. I think the game will come down to the ND defense being able to get the ball back and let ND's offense have as many cracks at the nut as possible. Last week against Wake Forest, the defense couldn't get off the field and the Irish got killed in TOP. I expect that to be a little better this week but still a tough, grind it out game.

ND 17 - BC 3