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Boston College Football: Philadelphia Eagles Fans React To Ryan Day Hire

Brad Mills-USA TODAY Sports

The SB Nation blog Bleeding Green Nation was all over the Ryan Day news yesterday. Here's Brandon Lee Gowton's reaction to the hire.

It's no surprise to hear that Kelly shares a background with Day. The 35-year-old played quarterback for and coached with Kelly at the University of New Hampshire. Kelly and Day also went to the same high school. The two clearly know each other well.

Day, like Kelly before coming to Philadelphia, doesn't have any NFL experience. Here's a recap of his coaching experience, via As you can see, he has some (loose) Philly ties from having coached at Temple:

Along with the familiarity factor, I can't help but imagine Kelly hired Day because of Boston College's team name. Forget Duck Bias, this is #EaglesBias.

Day replaces former Eagles quarterback coach Bill Musgrave, who was hired earlier in the week to be the new offensive coordinator with the Oakland Raiders.

Ultimately, I think this is a good move for both Day and the Philadelphia Eagles despite a lack of any NFL experience on Day's part. Obviously he's very familiar with Kelly, having played QB under him at UNH. QB coach is somewhat of a springboard to bigger and better things—namely, an NFL offensive coordinator role (just look at Musgrave's career path). Day can get seasoned in the NFL and, since he's young enough, return to the college game later if that's where he ultimately ends up.

The good news, if there is any, is that there's no confusion about what Addazio wants to do on offense. Now he just has to find a guy to execute that plan. And, if you are going to lose a coordinator, presumably you'd want to lose one from the side of the ball the HC previously coached.

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