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Eff It, Time To Play UConn In Football

We hate each other. And that's fun.

David Butler II-USA TODAY Sports

We are UConn's superior.

They have an inferior football past, an inferior football future, and an inferior football present. They have inferior academics, a student section of neanderthals (when they show up), and alumni who go to football games in hoops jerseys talking about how great Maya Moore is while their team punts for the 5th time of the quarter.

They're so easy to hate. And this is exactly why it's time to regularly play them. I've supported telling UConn to pound sand for years since the lawsuit, but enough time has passed and it would be too much fun.

Last week we played UMass and other than Notre Dame, it was the only thing I've ever experienced that has felt like a true "hate" game. I was a freshman in 2006-2007, and since then we've built up a friendly rivalry with Clemson, and in the last year or two have gotten a bit annoyed with Syracuse fans, but otherwise each week is pretty much business as usual.

UMass fans are a royal pain in the ass. Imagine if their team didn't suck so much.

I love being in the ACC. We fit well academically and until the Spaz years we've fit in well competitively, too. Playing Florida State and Virginia Tech and North Carolina and Duke and Georgia Tech every week is a freaking blast. But having the team you look forward to beating the most be a non-conference opponent doesn't make you a conference misfit.

Plenty of teams have their "hate" game in-conference. Duke/UNC/NCSU is the obvious; Virginia Tech/Virginia as well. But just as many have their big rival out-of-conference. Clemson/South Carolina. Georgia Tech/Georgia. Florida State/Florida.

Boston College vs. UConn needs to happen. UMass fans were obnoxious, delusional, and a royal pain in the ass. And it was fun as hell.

Imagine if UMass didn't suck so much.

The general consensus is that having a hate rivalry is great but it would be nice to have that with a team that's on our level. Unfortunately, we aren't going to be able to play Notre Dame every year.

UConn is no BAMA, but like it or not they're much closer to 'Our Level' than we are to, say, Clemson's level. We're just one year removed from our worst season in decades. Addazio engineered a nice turnaround, and most would say that the future appears bright. UConn is much more likely to climb back to consistent bowl eligible-respectability in their awful conference than to continue to go 3-9 every year.

At least by playing them, we'll finally have the opportunity to put them in their place.

And who says a rivalry can't be fun if you're the bully? We just saw that the it's fun against UMass, and we certainly have that relationship already with the anklebiters down the street in hockey. It certainly doesn't make it any less enjoyable to remind them who their daddy is a few times a year.

I live in Connecticut and even without ever playing them, I have to listen to my coworkers tell me all about how UConn is the next big thing in college football because we-are-already-super-awesome-in-hoops-so-obviously-it's-going-to-be-the-same-in-everything-else-too. At least by playing them, we'll finally have the opportunity to put them in their place.

Some of you express disinterest at a series against UConn. Give it one game against the obnoxious Huskies and I promise you, you'll think the game against UMass was like playing Elon. Your blood pressure will be through the roof all week until we can hang 50 on them and shut them up for the year.

And how much fun would that be? Elevated blood pressure is what college football's all about.