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Boston College Football: First Day Of Practice TweetCap

The Eagles finished their first day of practice.

Summer Practice
Summer Practice
BC Eagles Athletics

Boston College football hit the practice field today for their first practice of the summer. Some local media was on hand to watch the Eagles, so let's take a look at what they had to say as they watched the practice and spoke with coaches and players after the workout.

From Associate Athletic Director Chris Cameron:

First off let me say that is great to see both Bobby Swigert and Mehdi Abdesmad out on the field. Both of this young men suffered pretty severe injuries, and it's a blessing that they both will see the field again. That being said it sounds like Abdesmad was out taking drills (but not with , but Swigert was on the sideline in a red medical shirt. Addazio after the practice said that Harrison Jackson was the only player he thought would miss significant time this season. However it sounds like Swigert's rehab is going to take some time, which might mean missing some games early on this season.

Also it was mentioned (though I can't find the tweet), that the first team wide receivers were Charlie Calinan and Jeffrey Jay. Shakim Phillips took some snaps with the first team as well. Again wouldn't read too much into that. Phillips will need to be worked into the system, the same with the freshmen that just came aboard.

Interesting little tidbit there by the coach. Wondering who he thinks of as home run threats. Going with height he might be looking at Josh Bornder and Charlie Callinan as talented skill players (he said as much during the spring game). Speed? Must be Myles Willis. Have to wonder though if he has some freshmen on his mind as well .

This lineup is a little different than the secondary that Don Brown trotted out in the Independence Bowl to end the season. I wouldn't read too much into it though because if my memory serves me correctly Sean Sylvia was hurt during the spring game as well and was held out. BC never specified what the actually injury was, but he missed time.

Quarterback Tyler Murphy also practiced with the first team, which was not a surprise. Along with Myles Willis, and Mehdi Abdesmad he was asked to speak with reporters after the practice.

Steve Addazio also spoke with reporters, and talked about the goals for this season. Is just making a bowl game? No. He is shooting higher...

BC Football has entered the digital age as well...

Addazio concluded by saying that the Eagles would be having two upcoming scrimmages. Of course we will be updating you with all the latest news as it comes out.