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2014 Boston College Football: Season Uniform Review

A look at the uniform changes of Boston College's 2014 opponents prior to the college football season.


In a little more than 24 hours, the Boston College Eagles football team returns to the gridiron for the 2014 season. To get you ready for the season, we've compiled a very important, team-by-team list of all the uniform changes for 2014.

We'll keep track of these things as the season goes on, with updates throughout the season. And who knows, maybe even Boston College will have a surprise or two up its sleeve this season. If any uniform news is missing, let us know in the comments section.

Massachusetts Minutemen

No major changes to the UMass football uniforms this season, though first-year coach Mark Whipple did announce that the program will shelve its black uniforms in favor of the team's more traditional maroon and white options. Welcome news for those wanting programs to buck the "black for black's sake" (BFBS) uniform trend that's run rampant across college football.

UMass will wear red tops and white pants at home and white tops and maroon pants on the road. UMass will also ditch the 2-22 Charley Molnar black helmets of suck for the more traditional maroon helmet with white stripe, seen here in this adorable "Battle For The Bay State" promotional photo.

Pittsburgh Panthers

The Panthers are celebrating the program's 125th year of college football with a commemorative logo.

Since these two former Big East foes last met on the gridiron, Pitt has switched up the lids twice -- moving from the Panther logo helmet to the block letter PITT logo in 2005, then reintroducing a blue-and-white helmet stripe before the start of the 2013 season. Much like BC, Pitt is another school currently going through a gold identity crisis.

USC Trojans

Expect to see USC don their traditional white top, gold pants when they visit the Eagles in week 3. One small addition to this year's ensemble is a 'Z' decal on the back of the helmet to honor late Trojan great Louis Zamperini.

Maine Black Bears

No known changes to the Black Bears look this season, so expect to see the same uniforms that Maine wore to the last game between the two programs in 2012.

Colorado State Rams

Last season, the Rams made the switch from Russell Athletic to Under Armour, unveiling the new threads in this YouTube video.

Colorado State has three uniform combinations -- a green jersey paired with white or gold pants, and an all white uniform with green accents. Unless BC brings back the "Vegas" gold tops for this game, expect the Rams to go with the all white look.

N.C. State Wolfpack

In one of the more ridiculous uniform revamps of the offseason, N.C. State revealed its "Pack in Black" alternate helmet earlier this summer. The new lids feature a carbon fiber fade-to-red design with wolf eyes, because any time you get the chance to borrow design elements from both Syracuse and UConn football, you do it, obviously. The new lids will likely be paired with a yet-to-be-unveiled black jersey.

Clemson Tigers

No major changes to the Clemson uniforms this season, but the Tigers may wear commemorative patches honoring various program legends. Here is freshman quarterback Deshaun Watson wearing a Steve Fuller patch at Clemson Day.

Wake Forest Demon Deacons

The Deacons unveiled new helmet and uniform changes last season, so looks like things will remain unchanged this season. Last night, Wake wore these matte-finish black helmets and the road whites.

Virginia Tech Hokies

Haven't heard about any new uniforms for the Hokies just yet, but Nike loves to spring new Tech unis on us at a moment's notice. It's pretty difficult to keep up with all the garish uniform combinations that Tech has donned over the past few years. Lucky for us, there's an entire website dedicated to keeping track of these things so we don't have to.

Louisville Cardinals

Unfortunately the Cardinals are the latest college football program to give into the BFBS uniform trend. New head coach Bobby Petrino announced that Louisville will have new all-black threads for the Labor Day opener / ACC debut vs. Miami.

Louisville has also added a chrome facemask to their traditional white helmets.

Florida State Seminoles

The defending National Champs have been Nike-fied for the 2014 season, and not for the better. The new lids are pretty sharp, but the uniforms seem unnecessarily busy. On the bright side, Florida State's new threads look less like Boston College's now so perhaps we can avoid any maroon/garnet and gold confusion moving forward.

Syracuse Orange

Like the Seminoles, the Orange also got Nike-fied over the offseason and ... wtaf, seriously. Only a program named after a color would opt to have three uniform combinations -- none of which prominently feature said color. Like other program rebrands, Syracuse got its own custom font, which apparently is designed to mimic the height of the buildings in nearby New York City. lol.

Nike also eschews Scott Shafer's go-to "hardnosed" catchphrase for a derivative of another Shafer-ism, "Lock The Gate." The logo at the base of the collar features two "4"s -- a nod to Syracuse legend Ernie Davis's uniform number -- made to look like crossed keys, I believe (hence, "locking the gate," whatever that means). Though the end result is a terribly forced logo that looks more like a Transformers logo than a "44." Decepticon or Autobot, Otto?