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BCI Roundtable: Boston College Football Season Predictions

How's the season play out?

Under a week to go until Boston College football. The last in our series of preseason roundtables, today we predict how the season will shake out.

at Massachusetts Minutemen W W W W W W
Pittsburgh Panthers W W W W L W
USC Trojans L L L L L L
Maine Black Bears W W W W W W
Colorado State Rams W W W L W W
at N.C. State Wolfpack L W W W L W
Clemson Tigers L L L L L L
at Wake Forest Demon Deacons W W W W W W
at Virginia Tech Hokies L L W L L L
Louisville Cardinals W L L L L L
at Florida State Seminoles L L L L L L
Syracuse Orange W W L W W L

A.J Black - 7-5 (4-4 ACC)

What the hell I'll bite here and say that the Eagles are going to win against Louisville. I know it's later in the season, but I still like BC at home. Otherwise I think I will go with BC finishing with similar wins and losses that the other writers predicted. I think UMass will be a massacre just like BC and FSU, I don't think BC lines up well against USC, Maine should be an easy win, with a tougher win against Colorado St. BC will finish off the season with a big win against Syracuse in a close one and will head off to a bowl game with a 7-5 and five record.

Joe Grav - 7-5 (4-4 ACC)

This team will certainly lose a lot from key positions last year but has two key benefits: 1) some continuity in coaching and coordinators for the first time in what feels like two decades, and 2) a pretty manageable schedule, if I do say so myself. The early season run of home and "home" games should allow BC to get themselves a nice head of steam early in the year.

Dan Rubin - 7-5 (4-4 ACC)

BC has a tough but manageable schedule. The opening stretch lines up nicely for a run at a bowl berth before Halloween, but if they are, indeed, 5-1, let's not get ahead of ourselves. They end the season with a brutal stretch against good teams, so always consider the greater picture. Like old coaches always tell me - you're never as good as when you're unbeatable but you're never as bad as when you're unwinnable.

Grant Salzano - 6-6 (4-4 ACC)

"at" UMass (W) -- UMass sucks, I know we're worried it'll be close but they are just awful.
vs. Pitt (W) -- I initially put this down as a loss. Pitt's decent. But then I saw they lost to UConn last year. WUT?
vs. USC (L) -- I'd love to see it but that was a pretty comprehensive beatdown last year.
vs. Maine (W) -- Decent FCS team but Nova was better, it was a perfect storm, and we still won.
vs. Colorado State (L) -- I have had this game circled as a loss since it was scheduled. Their a pretty good team and they score about a quintillion points per game.
at NC State (W) -- Psh... Man, please.
vs. Clemson (L) -- Yeah we played them close on the road, yeah they are Boyd-less and Watkins-less... but that would be some kind of upset. I don't think we're there yet.
at Wake Forest (W) -- Lol Wake.
at Virginia Tech (L) -- Not this year.
vs. Louisville (L) -- Definitely not this year.
at Florida State (L) -- DEFINITELY not this year.
vs. Syracuse (W) -- Gotta win this one to make a bowl game. It'll be last year but reversed. Ends on a high note and with bowl eligibility.

This season is going to come down to whether the pieces we plug into the skill positions are an improvement on last year. It could not work out and we could go 3-9, or it could fire on all cylinders and -- crazy pipe dream, maybe -- run its way to 9-3. It's all on the table. But 6-6 feels right, and would probably be qualified as a ‘successful' Year 2 for Addazio.

Brian Favat - 5-7 (2-6 ACC)

Like last year, the year hinges on the Friday night home game against Pitt in week 2. This year, however, the young Eagles aren't able to notch the victory and things sort of unravel from there. The second turning point comes in BC's first true road test in Raleigh, a game that will end in more disappointment for BC. The Eagles do take care of Wake and Syracuse in the second half of the season, but it's not enough as BC finishes just one shy of bowl eligible.

Jeff Martyn - 6-6 (3-5 ACC)

Whether or not these predictions are correct, one thing for certain that this season will bring is a stretch of football that will get us really excited and us talking about BC potentially beating just about everyone on our schedule. The other certain thing is that there will be a stretch of football that will get people talking about if Addazio is the right man for the job at BC. I think the ball will bounce our way a little early in the season and Addazio will get the guys pumped up enough to rattle off some wins. But then as injuries happen, our schedule gets tougher and our opponents hit their midseason stride, the losses will pile up.

Leave your own record prediction in the comments section below.