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BC Interruption Roundtable: Breakout Player Of The Year

A final look at at the team and who will be breakout star in 2014

Mark Konezny-USA TODAY Sports

We are just over a week away from BC football, thank the gods. Today the writers look at what player on the team (or players because #GrantSucks) will be the breakout player of the year. Lots of differences of opinions here, so make sure to leave your thoughts in the comments.

A.J Black - Josh Keyes

Everything that I have read about this kid points to a huge year. Practice reports have said that he is all over the field, that he is lightning quick and that he is reminding scouts a lot of Kevin Pierre Louis. We haven't had a pass rushing linebacker in a long time, and I think Keyes will be that guy, and will also be the leader in sacks for the Eagles by the end of the season. Look for him to be a name that pops up in the NFL draft as well.

Joe Grav - Myles Willis

BC may a new wrinkle in the offense this year, but let's be honest the bread and butter of Ryan Day's scheme is the run. From reports it sounds like some of the freshmen are making some mistakes out there, so it looks like Willis is going keep the faith of the coaches and grab more carries.

Dan Rubin - Bryce Jones

I'm ready to watch Jones turn into a lockdown corner. He was really good for parts of last year, and there's only one glaring hole in his game - the ability to cover deep. Normally this is an issue with speed, but in his case, it's an issue of footwork. If the coaches can correct it, BC is going to have a pretty lethal defensive backfield.

Grant Salzano - The wide receiver corps

Sorry, it's a cop out not selecting one player. But there's a pretty reasonable crew of receivers for Murphy to throw to.... about half of which is young or inexperienced, but talented. We aren't going to have 95% of our passes caught by one guy -- and that alone is going to make the passing game about 10 times more effective.

Brian - Shakim Phillips

Time for BC to shed its four-star recruit curse and get a big, big year out of Shakim Phillips. Phillips is back on the Heights after three years in East Hartford. The four-star recruit from New Jersey played in just four games for the Eagles, catching 1 ball for 9 yards, before transferring out of the program. At UConn, a hamstring injury limited him to just eight games, but Phillips still managed to finish as the team's third leading receiver in 2013 (28 receptions, 406 yards, 3 TDs). If he can stay healthy, Phillips should feature prominently in the Eagles passing game, alongside Charlie Callinan, Swigert and Sherm Alston.