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BC Interruption Roundtable: Who Will Be 2014's Impact Freshman

Lots of holes in the two deep. Which freshman will be the standout this season?

BC Athletics

Opening kickoff is only nine days, and Boston College is prepping for their opening matchup against UMass. We here at BC Interruption are looking at some of the bigger questions that face the Eagles. Today we wonder which freshman will make the biggest impact on this team. Make sure to vote for your choice at the bottom of the post and leave your thoughts in the comments.

A.J. Black - Gabriel McClary

Our guest on the BCI radio show, Austin Tedesco has predicted that McClary stands a good shot of being the starting slot receiver going into the season. He's big (6'3) and from reports runs good routes with good hands. I am not sold on the health of Bobby Swigert going into the season, at least not as an every down receiver, so some freshmen are going to need to step up. My best guess? Gabe.

Joseph Gravallese - Sherman Alston

According to all reports this kid has been all over the field making plays for the Eagles. He is only 5'6 but can still take a shot, and has something BC desperately needs. SPEED. I am expecting him to make some big plays both on offense and on special teams this year.

Dan Rubin - Mike Knoll

You laugh, but without him, there's nobody in uniform capable of kicking. Doesn't get that much more impact when you have a guy who is pretty much the only one on the roster.

Grant - Jon Hilliman

By all accounts, he has looked really good so far in camp. We're going to pick up right where we left off last season in the run game, just with more bodies splitting the numbers. Hilliman will lead the stable in YPC.

Claver2010 - Harold Landry

Easy to pick a RB as they'll get carries but I'll pick one of the most heralded recruits in Daz's first class. He won't play the most snaps but he'll be the DPR (to channel a Rex Ryan ism), Designated Pass Rusher. He'll have 1 assignment, get to the QB.

Brian - Sherman Alston

Austin Tedesco and the BCI Radio guys have convinced me. I'm now a card-carrying member of the Sherman Alston fan club. I'm really excited to see what this kid can do. He wasn't the most touted of the running backs brought into the class, but all accounts are that he's a dynamic player that can be used both in the run game as well as the passing game. All Alston did last year was rack up 1,689 all-purpose yards for St. Joseph's, helping his HS to three state championships. BC hasn't had a RB factor prominently into the offense since Andre Callender 2007? so I'm excited to see how the addition of Alston adds a new dimension to the Day/Addazio playbook.