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Boston College Football: 2013-2014 Roster Analysis

A look at the Eagles football rosters from 2013 and 2014.

Sam Sharpe-USA TODAY Sports

A little more than a week left until the start of the season and we're still starting to see new faces pop up on the Eagles football roster. The latest additions are graduate student WR Jack Bramswig, junior LB Frank Radici, graduate student DE Seyi Adebayo and freshman DL Jack Kenny -- presumably all preferred walk-ons.

This got me thinking just how many new faces are there on the Eagles' 2014 roster. Here's a comparison of the rosters from 2013 and 2014:

2013 2014
2 Nigel Matthews RS FR WR 2 Tyler Murphy GS QB
3 Harrison Jackson SO WR 3 Harrison Jackson JR WR
4 Darius Wade FR QB
5 Al Louis-Jean, Jr. SO DB 5 Ty-Meer Brown GS DB
6 C.J. Jones JR DB 6 Sherman Alston FR WR
7 Spiffy Evans JR WR 7 Marcus Outlow FR RB
8 Josh Bordner JR QB 8 Josh Bordner GS WR
8 Harold Landry FR DL
9 Dominique Williams JR DB 9 Dominique Williams GS DB
10 Bobby Swigert SR WR 10 Bobby Swigert SR WR
11 Chase Rettig SR QB 11 Shakim Phillips GS WR
13 Christian Suntrup SO QB 13 Connor Strachan FR LB
14 Mack Lowrie FR QB 14 Gabriel McClary FR WR
15 James Walsh FR QB
16 Mike Marscovetra SR QB 16 Troy Flutie FR QB
17 Bryce Jones SO DB 17 Bryce Jones JR DB
18 Dan Crimmins SO WR 18 Dan Crimmins JR WR
19 Austin Lommen RS FR QB
19 Sean Sylvia JR DB 19 Sean Sylvia GS DB
20 Tahj Kimble JR RB 20 Isaac Yiadom FR DB
21 Manuel Asprilla JR DB 21 Manuel Asprilla SR DB
23 Myles Willis FR RB 23 Myles Willis SO RB
24 Kevin Pierre-Louis SR LB 24 Allen Dawson FR DB
25 Josh Keyes JR LB 25 Josh Keyes SR LB
26 David Dudeck SO RB 26 David Dudeck JR RB
27 Justin Simmons SO DB 27 Justin Simmons JR DB
28 Matt Milano FR S 28 Matt Milano SO LB
29 James McCaffrey JR DB
84 Joel Karim Zoungrana RS FR WR 29 Joel Karim Zoungrana JR DB
30 Joey Launceford SO K 30 Joey Launceford SR K
30 Mike Strizak RS FR LB 30 Mike Strizak JR LB
32 Charlie Callinan FR WR 83 Charlie Callinan RS FR WR
32 Jon Hilliman FR RB
33 Tim Joy SO LB 33 Tim Joy JR LB
33 Jeffrey Jay JR WR 86 Jeffrey Jay SR WR
34 Sean Duggan JR LB 34 Sean Duggan SR LB
35 Tyler Rouse FR RB 35 Tyler Rouse SO RB
36 Bobby Wolford RS FR LB 36 Bobby Wolford JR FB
37 Drew Barksdale FR WR 80 Drew Barksdale SO WR
37 Zach Wolfe JR DB 37 Kamrin Moore FR DB
37 Will Mahar FR PK
38 Ted Davenport JR DB
38 Griff Rogan JR WR 34 Griff Rogan SR WR
38 Richard Wilson FR RB
46 Sean Burke RS FR LB 39 Sean Burke JR FB
39 Atem Ntantang FR CB 39 Atem Ntantang RS FR CB
41 Jake Sinkovec SR TE 41 Jack Bramswig GS WR
41 Austin Stevens FR DL
42 Alex Howell SO P 42 Alex Howell SR P/K
42 Austin Brown SO DB
43 Carmen Dello Iacono JR TE
43 John Johnson FR CB 43 John Johnson SO CB
44 Andre Williams SR RB 44 Ty Schwab FR LB
45 Mehdi Abdesmad JR DL 45 Mehdi Abdesmad SR DL
46 E.J. Fortenberry SO DB
46 Joel Rich FR TE 46 Joel Rich RS FR TE
47 Spenser Rositano JR DB 47 Cameron Seward FR DB
48 Nick Lifka SO DL 48 Nick Lifka SR DL
48 Jake Wilhelm RS FR K 48 Jake Wilhelm JR K
49 Steele Divitto SR LB 49 Cameron Croteau SO TE
49 Kevin Bletzer FR LB
50 Frank Taylor RS FR OL 50 Frank Taylor JR OL
51 Connor Galligan JR LB
52 Steven Daniels SO LB 52 Steven Daniels JR LB
53 Leonard Skubal RS FR LS 53 Leonard Skubal JR LS
54 Marquis Little FR LB
55 Kieran Borcich SO DL 55 Christian Lezzer FR LB
56 Michael Fischer RS FR LS 56 Michael Fischer JR LS
56 Hunter Forte FR LB
57 Jack Cottrell FR LB/DE 57 Jack Cottrell RS FR DL
58 Victor Nelson SO OL 58 James Hendren FR OL
58 Michael Gaffney RS FR LB
59 Andy Gallik JR C 59 Andy Gallik GS C
61 A.J. Caruso RS FR LB/LS 61 A.J. Caruso JR LB
62 Ian White SR OL
63 Frank Radici JR LB
63 Austin Chapman FR TE
64 Harris Williams JR OL 64 Harris Williams GS OL
65 Jaryd Rudolph SR DL
66 Noah Penders FR LB
67 Seth Betancourt JR OL 67 Seth Betancourt GS OL
69 Paul Gaughan SO C 69 Paul Gaughan SR C
70 Aaron Kramer JR OL 70 Aaron Kramer GS OL
71 Dan Lembke SO OL
72 Jim Cashman RS FR OL 72 Jim Cashman JR OL
73 Sam Schmal FR OL
74 Dave Bowen SO OL 74 Dave Bowen SR OL
75 Ian Silberman GS OL
76 Bobby Vardaro JR OL 76 Bobby Vardaro GS OL
77 Matt Patchan SR OL 77 Jon Baker FR OL
79 Win Homer RS FR OL
80 Brian Miller SO TE
81 Louie Addazio SO TE 81 Louie Addazio SR TE
82 Jarrett Darmstatter JR TE 82 Jarrett Darmstatter GS TE
83 Alex Amidon SR WR
84 Nat Dixon FR WR
85 Nate Freese SR K/P 85 Thaddius Smith FR WR
86 Marcus Grant SO WR
87 C.J. Parsons JR TE
87 Malachi Moore SO DE 87 Malachi Moore JR DE
88 Michael Giacone SO TE 88 Michael Giacone JR TE
89 Mike Naples SR TE 89 Tommy Sweeney FR TE
90 Connor Wujciak SO DL 90 Connor Wujciak SR DL
91 Kasim Edebali SR DE 91 Joseph Vitiello FR DL
92 Kevin Cohee FR DL
93 Kevin Kavalec FR DE 93 Kevin Kavalec SO DE
94 Noa Merritt FR DL
95 Dominic Appiah JR DL 95 Seyi Adebayo GS DE
96 Kaleb Ramsey SR DL
97 Truman Gutapfel FR DT 97 Truman Gutapfel SO DT
98 Mike Knoll FR K/P
98 Jack Kenny FR DL
99 Brian Mihalik JR DL 99 Brian Mihalik SR DL

- left program

- graduated / out of eligibility

- newcomer

The first thing that jumps out at you is all. of. the. new faces. A total of 42 (!) players are new to the roster; an impressive feat considering the NCAA caps recruiting classes at 25. So how, exactly, did all these new faces come to BC?

Twenty-seven of those 42 newcomers are true freshmen, coming in as part of last year's recruiting class. Eleven more are (presumably) preferred walk-ons -- Jack Kenny, Seyi Adebayo, Noah Penders, Austin Chapman, Frank Radici, Hunter Forte, Cameron Croteau, E.J. Fortenberry, Austin Brown, Jack Bramswig and Will Mahar. The remaining four players are the much-talked-about 5th year grad transfers -- Tyler Murphy, Ty-Meer Brown, Ian Silberman and Shakim Phillips.

Logically it follows that with so many new faces on this year's roster, the program has to have had its fair share of attrition over the past year. That's certainly been the case.

A total of 14 players on the Eagles' 2013 roster have either graduated or ran out of eligibility. Of course, among this list of players is a quarterback that accounted for 99.92 percent of all passing yards (Chase Rettig), a running back that accounted for 83.1% of all rushing yards (Andre Williams) and 68.9% of all receiving yards (Alex Amidon). So the Eagles have lost quite a bit of production on the offensive side of the ball. They also happen to lose two very productive linebackers and a placekicker that was the only kicker in the country to remain perfect on FGs on the year.

What's a bit more jarring is all the players with eligibility remaining that have left the program over the past year. Clearly Spaz didn't recruit very well during the final two years on the Heights, but the little talent he did manage to bring in has left in large numbers. A total of 25 players with some eligibility remaining -- players denoted with a red 'X' -- have left the program over the span of one year. Several of these impact players left back in March. Others, including Spenser Rositano, have been medically waived and deemed unfit to play due to concussions or other health issues. Others weren't expected to be impact players per se, but when added up, the total represents a significant roster churn from one season to the next.

When there's a changing of the guard at head coach, some roster turnover is to be expected. I'd much rather see Addazio run onto the field with 85-90 guys who are bought into what Boston College football represents and what the coaching staff is trying to build here. There was clearly a culture problem under Spaz that Addazio has done a good job of rooting out in his first year; an issue that will continue to improve as he continues to bring in 'his' guys.

Still, the sheer volume of players that have left over the past year leaves me a bit apprehensive about how this season is going to go down. If all the new faces, particularly the 5th year transfers, hit the ground running and everything starts to gel early, BC should be able to achieve the goals its set out to achieve this season (well, probably not the trip to Charlotte thing).

But if the learning curve is a bit longer, and it takes some time for all the new faces to figure things out ... say over the first few games that represent the softer part of the Eagles' 2014 sched ... we could be in for a very long season.