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BC Interruption Roundtable: What Game Could Be A Letdown For Eagles?

The BCI writers look at what game could potentially be a letdown game for the Eagles

Chris Nicoll-USA TODAY Sports

As we get closer to kickoff against UMass, the writers and one valued commenter talk about some of the major questions facing the Eagles this season. Today we look at what game could be a letdown game for the Eagles.

A.J. Black - Syracuse

Many of us on BCI want to say that BC’s seasons success is predicated on beating Syracuse to end the season. But part of me thinks that Syracuse is going to be real good this year. I saw what their offense was capable of doing last season and Terrell Hunt is back, and although he seems to struggle against some teams, I just get nightmares that he will make the BC defense look like swiss cheese like he did last year. Part of me cringes that this could be a huge let down game and a massive gut punch for the fan base and the team.

Joe G - UMass

Let’s be honest, it will be a huge let down and a source of embarrassment of BC even lets UMass hang around, let alone win. I don’t think there’s much of a chance of UMass winning this game, but given that it’s the season opener with so many new pieces, I could see BC struggling to a narrow victory.

New Guy - UMass

Now that I’ve cut my own tongue out and poured straight lye on my hands, hear me out.  It’s the first game of the season, and UMass is ridiculously ramped up for this game.  This is their Super Bowl, their bowl game, and their entire FBS transition in one game.  They’ve geared their entire marketing scheme on buses and radio towards the self-proclaimed "Battle of the Bay State."  But they’re barely a blip on the BC schedule, and the Eagles are going in with a ton of pieces we don’t really know about (similar to last year against Villanova).  I don’t see this as a loss, but if the Minutemen come away with even a moral victory, all 42 of their fans will be willing to shove me off the same bridge I’m trying to jump off of.

Grant Salzano - Colorado State

I don't know what everyone else is expecting with this game, but I have this one penciled in as a loss. Colorado State is a decent team, and man do they score a ton of points. Call it a hunch, but this is going to leave a bad taste in our mouths going into our first true road game.

Brian Favat - Wake Forest

Let’s continue the theme of home = good, road = bad and go with #therivalry here. Sure, Wake Forest looks to be pretty terrible this year, but BC doesn’t exactly have the greatest track record a) on the road and b) on the road in Carolina. Since joining the ACC in 2005, BC is just 4-8 in regular season road games in North Carolina, including a loss in the Eagles most recent road game in Winston-Salem. For BC, the Wake Forest game is smack in the middle of a brutal five game stretch of ACC games -- at N.C. State, Clemson, at Wake Forest, at Virginia Tech, Louisville. Things appear much more manageable for the Deacons, who get Syracuse and BC -- both at home -- with bye weeks on either side of those two games.

This is a game that BC has to have if it hopes to return to a bowl game this fall, and a loss to the Demon Deacons (perhaps Wake’s only conference win of the year?) would really put a damper on the rest of the year.