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BC Interruption Roundtable: Who Could BC "Upset" This Season

The writers of the site look at who BC could upset in 2014

Kirby Lee-USA TODAY Sports

As we count down to opening kickoff against UMass, the writers of BC Interruption (and one of our loyal readers and friend of the site) sat down and discussed some of the major talking points for the 2014 season.  Last week we looked at who the offensive and defensive MVP's will be. Today we ask: Who could Boston College upset in 2014?

A.J Black - Clemson

Last year we saw that the Eagles could hang with the Tigers, and that was down in Death Valley. Andre Williams had a few good runs, but BC's style matched up well with the Tigers. Now Clemson has to come to Alumni Stadium, and they will be a markedly less talented team without Tajh Boyd and Sammy Watkins. If BC is going to beat a Top 25 team this year, I think it could be the Tigers.

Joe Grav - USC

I know this is probably going to be a popular pick, given that USC will have to travel, and BC might hopefully be coming off a strong early start to the season. But yes, I'm going with USC. Despite their offensive ineptitude during the game in California, they were in it for quite a while.

Dan Rubin - Virginia Tech

Okay, shoot me down with the fact that the Hokies aren't the best and BC's beaten them in the past, blah, blah, blah. They were selected third in the Coastal Division this year but had only three less first place votes than first place Miami. They were right on Duke's heels in the poll, which leads me to believe there was a more consistent vote for VT towards the top. Every year, they're great on paper. The kicker this year is the game's at Lane Stadium, which is where dreams usually go to die. Depending on how the season opens up, I guarantee BC goes to Blacksburg with most people calling loss. That translates to an upset, no matter how many times Baldwin's beaten up that stupid turkey.

Claver2010 - USC

They're coming east after what will presumably be a very physical game against Stanford. Based off what Addazzio has been saying, the team is extremely disappointed over their performance against USC last year. I'd be even more inclined to pick this game if it was a noon start, but regardless Alumni will be rocking for a primetime game.

Grant - Clemson

BC held its ground against Clemson on the road and as AJ said, they lose their two big skill players this year. Also, it's a "Rivalry Game." ...That's how this works, right?

Brian - Louisville

Plenty of questions surrounding Louisville, with sets out into the ACC without last year's head coach, starting quarterback and several key contributors. While expectations seem modestly high for the Cardinals, we've seen programs struggle with the conference switch and I'm expecting the same for Louisville. I mean, it's probably a bit unrealistic to expect UofL to win 11-12 games as they have the last two years, so this isn't really going out on a limb.

The place of this game on the schedule should benefit BC. The Eagles will be coming back from a road game in Blacksburg, while Louisville travels to Chestnut Hill after hosting the defending National Champs on Thursday night; easily one of the biggest home games in program history (though Louisville will have an extra few days of rest). Most importantly, this game is at home for the Eagles. Until BC proves otherwise, the Eagles are still an ostensibly terrible road/neutral team and I can't justify picking a road game as a potential upset special.