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Boston College Football: Predictalator Says 3-4 Win Season On Horizon

Well, this is a bummer.

Mark Konezny-USA TODAY Sports is a website capable of simulating any college football game 50,000 times to find the most accurate outcome.  Using something called the Predictalator, the simulation takes into account home field advantage, coaches, officials, fans, and weather.  It can get down to the nitty gritty and predict individual performances, using completely unbiased algorithms.

Since we can apparently figure out the outcome of every game, the only thing better would be to simulate the entire college football season in hopes of winning big time money when BC predicts a certain humble genius' 15-0 season, trip to the first College Football Playoff, and an epic tailgate in his backyard in the Metroplex area before heading out to Arlington.  Okay.  Here we goooooo....



Apparently all flights to Arlington should be canceled unless you want Florida State to win the national championship again.  Boston College will win between three and four games and miss out on the chance to go to a second straight bowl game.

According to the simulation, BC ranks 92nd in offense and 81st in defense.  They're the 80th strongest team in the FBS.  They have an experienced secondary as their biggest strength, but their glaring weakness is inexperience pretty much everywhere else.  At least Mehdi Abdesmad is picked as a breakout candidate, which would be awesome since I said he might be.

So before we cancel the season altogether, let's look at what's going to happen.  FSU is going to win its second straight national title, beating Oregon in the process.  Ohio State and Alabama also make the playoffs, with the Buckeyes losing to the Seminoles.  This comes after North Carolina wins the coastal and loses the ACC Championship.

11 ACC teams make bowl games, but 13th place BC watches bowl season from home.  Joining us on the golf course are Wake Forest and Virginia, which is great company to be in around the holiday time, right?

Some of the highlights - Miami can gear itself up for a big bucket of Yobagoya in the Beef O'Brady's Bowl against East Carolina.  Syracuse and UConn battle for the right to claim basketball supremacy... in the Military Bowl.  Duke heads to the Detroit Bowl, and Louisville, in its first ACC season, plays in the Sun Bowl.  Pittsburgh plays in the Pinstripe Bowl at Yankee Stadium against Iowa, marking the first time a game might draw 75% capacity since the 2009 baseball playoffs.

Now that the season's not going to be worth it, I hope 74 will still allow me to come to his house to watch the national title game and maybe we can invite Ryan Day and Steve Addazio since they'll have nothing else to do that day either.