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2014 Boston College Football Roundtable: Offensive MVP

The writers sit down and discuss the upcoming season, and and look at the team to project who will be the offensive MVP

Joshua S. Kelly-USA TODAY Sports

As we count down to opening kickoff against UMass, the writers of BC Interruption (and one of our loyal readers and friend of the site) sat down and discussed some of the major talking points for the 2014 season. The first up? Who will be the offensive MVP for the Boston College Eagles?

A.J. Black - Charlie Callinan

Will Myles Willis be the primary weapon on this offense? Of course he will be. Will Tyler Murphy need to be the field general out there and control the tempo and direction of the offense? Yep. But BC is going to need to find someone in the wide receiver corp that will be a reliable target and will keep defenses honest. From what I have seen so far, Callinan is going to be that guy. Will he be as dynamic as Alex Amidon? Probably not, but he's a big target (6'3), Steve Addazio is very high on him, and unlike Amidon he will be able to get higher in the air to grab passes which could be a big asset close to the end zone.

Joe Grav - Myles Willis

My main takeaway from the spring game was his increased strength and explosiveness. I think he's ready to break out and I think BC can find creative ways to use him out of the backfield, too.

Dan Rubin - Bobby Vardaro

I know I'm going way off the board here, but there's a good reason. Part of what made Andre Williams so good (not the whole, but an important piece nevertheless) was that you could drive a Mack truck through those holes. Vardaro will play an important role on the left side to open up holes for the running game and protect Tyler Murphy's blindside. If BC intends to go spread or read option in some capacity, then the left side will need to keep Murphy upright. With Ian Silberman coming, Vardaro's ability to teach and adapt will be huge in protection.

Claver2010 - Tyler Murphy

From a program point of view, the alternative was going to a true FR. I also think him playing behind an Addazio offensive line opposed to what he played behind in the at Florida (insert UF O-Line blocking each other picture) will allow him to better showcase his skillset. The August / September schedule is also conducive to him getting off to a fast start.

Grant - Tyler Murphy

Last year the staff really got bailed out by having Andre Williams do what he did. I was on the Rettig bandwagon (if you could call it that) for years hoping he would break out and he never did. Unfortunately it felt like he regressed. Last season it felt like we were just aching for a quarterback who could get the job done. Not only that, but you could see pretty well how a quarterback with some wheels could add a nice dimension to the offense. I'm not expecting Tim Tebow, but I think you're going to see Tyler Murphy fit in really nicely with the package Addazio wants to put together.

Brian - Tyler Murphy

There's no question which player will be most valuable to the Eagles offense, especially when you considering the alternatives at each position. Murphy has only played in nine collegiate games for Florida last season, but that's nine more games than the other QBs on the roster ... and the same number of games that BC's quarterback-turned-wide receiver Josh Bordner has played in over his entire college career. Whether or not this team can achieve the goals its set for itself this season hinges on Murphy's ability to stay healthy and go the distance (no pressure). At running back, Myles Willis will be very important to the Eagles success, but there is a decent amount of talent surrounding him that the program won't have to solely rely on him carrying the entire workload a la Andre Williams. Lots of questions in the receiving corps. Plenty of unknowns and wild cards. My guess is Charlie Callinan emerges as Murphy's top target, but BC will get contributions from several other receivers.