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Las Vegas Hilton Offers Future Betting Lines For Boston College, 2014 Opponents

So you're saying there's a chance?

Jared Wickerham

Last month, the Golden Nugget released five lines concerning Boston College football for the 2014 season. The lines were noteworthy because Boston College was a significant underdog in all five games, including a 9-point home underdog to visiting Pittsburgh in week 2.

Sunday, the Las Vegas Hilton's numbers came out, but there's only one BC game of note -- said Friday night home opener vs. Pittsburgh. The LVH's early lines are considered more reliable than the Golden Nugget's, in part because the LVH takes larger bets.

Back in June, New Guy called shenanigans on the Golden Nugget's early Pitt @ BC line:

A nine-point spread in June is all but asking for even money against Pittsburgh, which at this point is really a pick 'em game until we learn more about both teams.

And wouldn't you know, the LVH has moved that line sharply in the Eagles' favor, to just BC +3.5. That early line seems much more reasonable considering the talent that Pitt loses one of if not the most dominant defensive player in school history and an NFL Draft pick quarterback, and the fact that the Panthers will be traveling to the Heights on short rest (though BC will be "traveling" to, I suppose).

Here's the other movement on the early lines on this year's ACC games:

30-Aug Clemson Georgia -9
30-Aug UCLA -21.5 Virginia
30-Aug Florida State -17 Oklahoma State
1-Sep Miami (FL) Louisville PICK
5-Sep Pittsburgh -9 -3.5 Boston College
6-Sep San Diego State North Carolina -21
6-Sep Virginia Tech Ohio State -18
13-Sep USC -23 Boston College
13-Sep Louisville -7.5 Virginia
20-Sep Clemson Florida State -17 -20
20-Sep Virginia BYU -17
20-Sep Georgia Tech Virginia Tech -7
20-Sep Miami (FL) Nebraska -3 -3
27-Sep Florida State -30 N.C. State
27-Sep Notre Dame -5.5 Syracuse
27-Sep North Carolina Clemson -4
10-Jan Louisville -1 -6 Syracuse
4-Oct Miami (FL) -4 Georgia Tech
4-Oct Virginia Tech North Carolina -10 -6.5
4-Oct N.C. State Clemson -23
11-Oct Florida State -21 Syracuse
11-Oct Louisville Clemson -10
11-Oct Cincinnati Miami (FL) -11
11-Oct North Carolina Notre Dame -2.5 -3
16-Oct Virginia Tech -2 Pittsburgh -1
18-Oct Notre Dame Florida State -24 -22
18-Oct Clemson -18 Boston College
23-Oct Miami (FL) Virginia Tech -1 -3.5
25-Oct North Carolina -14 Virginia
30-Oct Florida State -17 -17 Louisville
1-Nov Boston College Virginia Tech -16
1-Nov North Carolina Miami (FL) -1
6-Nov Clemson -20 -20 Wake Forest
8-Nov Louisville -15 Boston College
15-Nov Clemson -6 Georgia Tech
15-Nov Pittsburgh North Carolina -10
15-Nov Florida State -14.5 -19.5 Miami (FL)
20-Nov North Carolina -3 -6 Duke
22-Nov Miami (FL) -10 Virginia
22-Nov Louisville Notre Dame -8
28-Nov Virginia Virginia Tech -14 -13.5
29-Nov Georgia Tech Georgia -14 -18.5
29-Nov Kentucky Louisville -15
29-Nov N.C. State North Carolina -20 -15
29-Nov South Carolina -3 -1.5 Clemson
29-Nov Pittsburgh Miami (FL) -7
29-Nov Florida Florida State -18.5


-- Clemson @ Florida State has moved from FSU -17 to FSU -20
-- Louisville @ Syracuse from UofL -1 to UofL -6
-- Virginia Tech @ North Carolina from UNC -10 to UNC -6.5
-- Miami @ Virginia Tech from VT -1 to VT -3.5
-- Florida State @ Miami from FSU -14.5 to FSU -19.5 (!)
-- North Carolina @ Duke from UNC -3 to UNC -6
-- N.C. State @ North Carolina from UNC -20 to UNC -15

The Las Vegas Hilton also hands out odds for over/under season win totals a well as conference championship odds. No over/under win total for BC just yet, but there are lines for several of the Eagles' 2014 opponents -- all of which BC will be a heavy underdog against:

Florida State 11 1/2
USC 8 1/2
Clemson 8 1/2
North Carolina 8 1/2
Louisville 8

Finally, conference championship odds:


So ... you're saying there's a chance?