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Way Early Betting Lines Say Boston College Football Loses At Least Five Games In 2014

Apparently we can pencil in for five losses before the season ever begins. Cool.


In what's becoming a rite of summer, Golden Nugget released some college football betting lines before summer's official start.  Offering up early wager lines for some 200 football "big games," we can use it as a prognostication as to how the Boston College football season might go in the eyes of some.

Here's how the early look at BC football is shaking down.  Bear in mind that some games are not "big games" and therefore do not receive betting lines for wagers:

Pitt -9 at BC

USC -23 at BC

Clemson -18 at BC

BC at Virginia Tech -16

Louisville -15 at BC


So according to Golden Wager, we can now pencil in five BC losses right off the bat.  Coupled with an almost assured loss to Florida State, and pretty much BC is already on the cusp of bowl eligibility.  Thanks, guys.

Of course gambling lines don't necessarily shift based on expert thought.  If nothing else, it'll shift based on how many people bet on one team.  If people bet on BC to cover the 23 point spread against USC (i.e. lose by 23 points or less or flat out win), then the points on USC will keep going down until people start betting on the Trojans.  As more action gets laid on the teams favored, the line will increase until people start betting on BC.  Eventually, after all bets are tallied, the line eventually proves as a median point of what people think.

Then again, gambling is illegal in Massachusetts, so don't ask me how I know all of this.

The point is that in these five "big games," I don't think there's going to be any real surprises.  I think a lot of us will think USC will win, a lot of us would pick Clemson, and a lot of us would take Louisville.  BC almost always plays Virginia Tech tough because the Hokies are turning into the new Clemson (definition - a team that'll win one big game and then inexplicably choke at a various point of the season and subsequently unravel).  A nine-point spread in June is all but asking for even money against Pittsburgh, which at this point is really a pick 'em game until we learn more about both teams.

Games not offered lines are the UMass game (which I'm taking BC with the points and the over up to and including eleventy billion), Maine (slightly less because Maine beat UMass last year), Colorado State, Florida State (most likely an assured loss), NC State (because it's not a big game), Wake Forest (how dare you not place a line on #TheRivalry) and Syracuse (because they're too busy betting on the Orange Eagle Trophy instead).