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Boston College Football: Get To Know The Dudes - #6, DB CJ Jones

Today, get to know one of BC's upperclassmen playing defensive back in the Don Brown Defense

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Name: William C. Jones, II

Position: Cornerback

Number: #6

Year: Senior

Height: 5-foot-11

Weight: 183 lbs.

Hometown: Wilmington, DE

High School: A.I. DuPont

2013 Stats: Jones had 15 tackles (11 solo) while appearing in 11 games for the Eagles.  He had three solo tackles in both the games against Maryland and against Syracuse, and he became one of the better inside coverage guys for the BC defense.  His five total tackles against Syracuse was a season high.

2014 Projections: CJ has raw toughness and coverage ability in the slot.  Against slower, more mechanical possession receivers, he can find himself with solid coverage ability when playing inside a zone defense.  He can also stop the run and get to the quarterback, and he registered a half sack last year.  That means he can jump off the route and deliver BC a blitzing cornerback without giving up the ability for the downfield ball.  This projects him to a nickel corner or safety position with the ability to spy areas and different guys for coverage this year.

How'd He Get Here: Jones was offered by several Division I schools, including Duke, East Carolina, Louisville, NC State, and Rutgers.  He was recruited by current offensive coordinator Ryan Day.

What'd Recruiting Sites Say: Three stars from both Rivals and  Scout elaborates with the following:

Finds a way to gain position on receivers. On slant passes, he always makes sure to get on the inside shoulder. On deep balls, he’ll stay right up on his man and wait to make a play on the ball when it is at its highest point. He can play press coverage and is good in zone as well. Jones has very good straight line speed, however I’d like to see him improve how he closes on the ball. Also, while he has shown good hips, needs better transition.

Twitter Feed: @CadillacJones_6; @CeeZaLeeBeatz

It turns out CJ has two twitter accounts.  Cadillac Jones is his personal account, but CeeZaLee is his account for his dabbling in music.  I'm sure he calls it dabbling.

Tweetable: Yes, and he's RT'd us a couple of times.  So that makes me like him.

Uniform History: You'll remember #6 as the digit worn by such modern marvels as Jeff Smith (remember him and his lightning speed?) and Larry Lester (who was a good receiver at the end of the Big East era but was always good for at least one holding or pass interference call per game), but its long, rich history dates back to legendary halfback Fred McMenimen in 1924.  From 1927-1928, it was actually worn by two offensive linemen - John Convery and Austin Brosnan, who cowore the number in '28.  After being idle from 1938-1976, it would become the number of two captains - safety Eric Shorter in 1994 and RaMon Johnson in 2000.

Linkage: Check out CeeZaLee Beats on Soundcloud.  Good stuff, CJ.