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Boston College Announces Additional Ticket Packages

Looking for a sweet ticket deal? We got 'em!

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The Boston College athletic department announced new ticket deals on Thursday for their upcoming season.  It will include two three-game ticket packages, one of which is centered around USC and one of which is centered around the entire ACC.

The USC 3-game flex pack is also the only way for fans to see the Eagles play the Trojans without purchasing a season tickets.  It will allow fans to purchase a ticket to the USC game on September 13th, then choose two additional games other than the Clemson game, for just $115.  That averages to roughly $40 per game, and it can be built to include a nationally-televised night game against Pitt and the rivalry game on Thanksgiving weekend against Syracuse.

Anyone thinking Syracuse isn't a rival needs to think again.

The Clemson game already has its own previously-announced 3-game flex pack that includes the Homecoming Weekend game against the Tigers, normally a big game anyways given their history of some competitive games and the presence of a rivalry trophy (along with the great presence of the Clemson fans, who travel in huge numbers and are usually super nice to talk to).

The ACC 4-game pack includes a ticket to each conference home game this year, including the Clemson game.  BC actually plays a pretty good slate of ACC home games, with the Pitt game taking place on Friday night national television, and the other three games against solid opponents.  Louisville won the 2013 Sugar Bowl against Florida and went 12-1 last year to finish second in the American.  This year's team will be the first iteration to play in the ACC, and they're featuring the return of head coach Bobby Petrino.  You'll conceivably remember Petrino from his aborted trip to the Vick-less Atlanta Falcons and his departure from Arkansas after getting busted crashing a motorcycle with a woman who was not his wife.

And of course Clemson and Syracuse are also included, two decent rivalry games, one of which featuring a great fan base and one of which featuring a team that's been a thorn in our side for a long time.

The ACC 4-game pack is being sold for $120.  Per the athletic department, that's a savings of $10 versus purchasing the four games individually.  It features some pretty good teams on there too.

BC will feature seven home games at Alumni Stadium this year, starting with Pittsburgh in September.  They'll play four straight home games against the Panthers, USC, FCS-level Maine, and Colorado State.  They'll have the conference home games against Clemson, Louisville, and Syracuse (to go along with the aforementioned Panthers).  They'll also have the super secret road game at Gillette Stadium to open the season "at UMass," a game so secret, the home team's fans don't know it exists.

All tickets can be ordered by calling the BC ticket office at 617-552-GoBC or by visiting the Conte Forum ticket office.  Tickets can also be ordered through

Football season is just about 100 days away!