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Tears Of Unfathomable Sadness, Volume 7

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Maryland, Syracuse, and fun with Google Maps

Tommy Gilligan-USA TODAY Sports

Let's get down to business.

Maryland. A school so cool "Oh Christmas Tree" is it's fight song.

One good thing about Maryland is that they're no longer in the ACC. Now we don't have to worry about our fans being assaulted when they go to a football game.

The Terps are in the Big Ten now and get to play Ohio State every year. What's this about a red out?

One thing that often gets overlooked with the inclusion of Rutgers and Maryland (and Nebraska before it): The "red as a team color" bandwagon is getting awfully, awfully full in the Big Ten. Ohio State, while they claim scarlet for their squad, may think they've walked into the Horseshoe upon their entrance into Maryland's Byrd Stadium:

You have to give Maryland credit. With the thousands of Ohio State fans that invaded their stadium, the whole place was red. You just couldn't tell where the Buckeyes sections ended and where the Maryland section began.

I'm sure it made for a nice picture though. ¯\_(ツ)_/¯

Moving right along.

Ohhhh, no. Oh no no no no.

Take it away, TNIAAM:

This is what we like to call The Perspective Defense. "What's wrong with YOU, the fan, that you get all worked up about the loss, when there's real problems in the world." First of all, yes, that's absolutely correct. What's happening in the Middle East or in North Korea or with the Ebola virus is all SOOOO much more important than college football.

BUT... Let's stay in context. You're the head coach of the Syracuse football team. A football team that markets and advertises and promotes itself to us, Syracuse fans, with the understanding that it is important that we, the fans, invest ourselves emotionally in the outcomes of your football games...Don't tell us that we're not allowed to be disappointed or upset when the team plays poorly. You can't make us feel bad for caring when you're the one who made us care.

You know, Colorado State's last touchdown might have been a total kick in the junk, but damn it I'm just so gosh darn lucky to be here typing about it because ISIS is out there cutting people's heads off. You know? Like, I mean, so what Union beat us in the Frozen Four. ISIS, man. You know? ISIS.

Good God. That's a thing that somebody said, isn't that ridiculous?

Last but not least...we're going to have some fun with this one. Good Bull Hunting, the SB Nation blog for Texas A&M, ran a few searches to see what Google Maps could come up with. Theirs are pretty good, but the BCI crew had some fun of its own.

Let's go to the results.


Good start! Makes sense to start with a classic.


Ah yes. Hmm, I wonder if...


Ha! Too easy though. Google is really smart, let's make things a little tougher.


Oh nicely done, Google. Quality work.

Let's go Spaztastic...



Alright, let's finish this off real gold--courtesy of Joe...


Winner. And that, my friends, is why we do what we do.

Find any other good ones? Let us know in the comments. We'll see you next week.