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Boston College Football Bowl Projections, Week 9: More Convergence On The Quick Lane Bowl

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Where do college football's various prognosticators have BC bowling this week?

Leon Halip

One win away. Let's see where college football's various prognosticators have BC heading this week.

ESPN (McMurphy): Quick Lane Bowl vs. Penn State (12/26)

ESPN (Schlabach): Quick Lane Bowl vs. Rutgers (12/26)

ESPN (David Hale): New Era Pinstripe Bowl vs. Penn State (12/27)

National Football Post: Quick Lane Bowl vs. Bowling Green* (12/26)

SB Nation: Quick Lane Bowl vs. Western Michigan* (12/26)

CBSSports: Quick Lane Bowl vs. Ohio* (12/26)

Phil Steele: New Era Pinstripe Bowl vs. Rutgers (12/27) Duck Commander Bowl vs. Louisiana Tech* (12/27)

Syracuse Post-Standard / Patrick Stevens: New Era Pinstripe Bowl (12/27)

College Sports Madness: Quick Lane Bowl vs. Maryland (12/26)

The Sporting News: Sun Bowl vs. Utah (12/27)

Athlon: BITCOIN Bowl vs. UCF (12/26)

Sports Illustrated: New Era Pinstripe Bowl vs. Maryland (12/27)

Orlando Sentinel: New Era Pinstripe Bowl vs. Maryland (12/27)

* replacement team

No big changes this week. Perhaps a bit more convergence on a Quick Lane Bowl berth (Detroit) vs. a Big Ten opponent or a MAC replacement, but that's it, really.

Even's Patrick Stevens had nice things to say about the Eagles this week:

If there's any bowl that might be more interested in the Eagles (5-3, 2-2) than others, it would be the one played closest to New England. In some ways, this is a cop-out to avoid choosing one of the nearly half-dozen 4-4 teams in the conference, but it is largely a nod to a Boston College bunch that's done fine work to get within a victory of bowl-eligibility before November.

Detroit and the Bronx have been the two most likely destinations for the Eagles over the past few weeks. Both of those bowls pair the ACC against the Big Ten ... that is, unless either conference can't fill all of its bowl slots. Any bowl game this season would be gravy, but it sure would be nice to face a Big Ten opponent and not a replacement team from the MAC. That'll likely come down to whether the Big Ten places two teams in the so-called "New Year's Six" (Michigan State in a semifinal? Ohio State or Nebraska as an at-large?) or a team like Illinois finds two more wins on the year.