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2014 BC Football Released Tomorrow!

Brad Bates tweet wins the Nor'Easter of late January, 2014

Mark Konezny-USA TODAY Sports

You know, there's something being snowed in that I genuinely dislike.  I need to be outdoors, need to be able to move around, need the freedom to come and go as I please.  Sitting inside, watching the snowfall, knowing I inevitably have to shovel out both my car and Mrs. New Guy's car - it just stinks.

Enter Brad Bates.


Here's what we know - BC is at UMass to open the season on August 30th at Gillette Stadium; they'll play USC on September 13th (the weekend before my birthday - Happy Birthday to me!), and they'll host Colorado State on September 27th.  We know there's a game against Maine thrown in there, and we know they'll play at home against Clemson, Louisville, Pittsburgh and Syracuse with road games against NC State, Florida State, Virginia Tech and Wake Forest.  We just don't know the dates.

After tomorrow afternoon, though, we'll all be able to think of setting time aside and getting ready for some football.  In a side note, I'll get to cry when I find out I miss both home games in November because I'm getting married and going on my honeymoon.  It's perfectly acceptable behavior to skip out on those events for BC home games, right?  I mean, my future bride once remarked about a training once by saying, "The guy in the back row was locked onto me speaking like I was Alex Amidon and he was Chase Rettig."

Football season and spring practice is practically around the corner folks!  Leave your thoughts about the schedule below.  And chalk this one up to another topic we can discuss on BCI Radio next week.