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Boston College Football Bowl Projections, Week 11

Boston College vs. Notre Dame in Shreveport?

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Justin K. Aller

Let's again check in to see where each of these publications have the Eagles this week:

SB Nation: Music City Bowl vs. Georgia

Sports Illustrated: Music City Bowl vs. Georgia

ESPN (Mark Schlabach): Music City Bowl vs. Mississippi

ESPN (Brad Edwards): Independence Bowl vs. Notre Dame

National Football Post: Independence Bowl vs. Notre Dame

College Football News: Independence Bowl vs. Notre Dame

ESPN (Adelson / Dinich): Independence Bowl ↓

Phil Steele: Independence Bowl vs. Notre Dame

Athlon Sports: Military Bowl vs. East Carolina

USA Today: Military Bowl vs. Marshall

Orlando Sentinel: Military Bowl vs. Middle Tennessee State

CBS Sports: No bowl ←

Just one hold out this week, CBS Sports' Jerry Palm. This isn't even a "BC becomes bowl eligible but no one takes the Eagles" sort of thing, either. Palm legit believes Boston College is going to lose each of the final three games of the season to finish 5-7. This week, CBS Sports projects Maryland to the Music City Bowl vs. Ole Miss, Duke to the Independence Bowl vs. Notre Dame, and Syracuse to the Military Bowl vs. North Texas. I ... just don't see that.

In other projections, this whole Boston College-Notre Dame bowl game idea is gaining some serious traction.