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Boston College GIF of the Year: Sweet 16 Matchup #5

More blazing hot GIF takes coming at you

Bob DeChiara-USA TODAY Sports

We can't stop, we won't stop with the GIF madness!

Yesterday's matchup was still closer, with Baldwin holding off Chris Kreider by a ratio of about 2:1. Will today have our first true voting duel?

Just Short:

Not a reference to anything other than football. Settle Down.

God, there is just so much happening in this GIF. If any of you dudes are reading this, you are legends in my book.

Can't Be Stopped:

Take a bow, Pat Brown. On the Beanpot winner late in the third period, Pat Brown gets taken down in front of the net and still manages a magnificent redirection to break Husky hearts.

Here's the updated bracket -- we're rapidly nearing the end of round #1. The next poll won't be until Monday, so voting for this matchup will continue through the weekend.


Get those votes in.