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Boston College GIF of the Year: First Semifinal

Championship Week!

Marc Lebryk-USA TODAY Sports

We had our first real nailbiter of a vote in the final quarterfinal last week. Tape2Tape eliminated Johnny Gaudreau from the tournament by just 7 votes, and indeed, from all Boston College competition. Sad face.

But the last two rounds promise to be just as difficult of a vote. A winner must be crowned, however. To the semifinalists!

Have A Seat

Andre Williams, still a bad, bad man, eliminated the other Johnny Gaudreau GIF in the tournament by a pretty tidy 73% to 27% vote. That Maryland guy is having a bad time getting repeatedly thrown to the ground.

Terrier In Flight

This quarterfinal vote was even more of a blowout, with Steve Santini's truck-sticking of a hapless Terrier eliminating Baldwin's crowdsurf at senior day by a count of 79% to 21%. A true masterpiece of a GIF.

And so we have the first half of the Final Four. Here is your updated bracket:


As always, the vote is 24 hours, starting now.