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Boston College GIF of the Year: Elite 8 Matchup #4

Rounding out the Final Four

Jim Rogash

Another round, another close, comeback win for Just Short. Proving to be a GIF force to be reckoned with. Today's winner will match up with the Clemson boys in the semifinals. Who do we got?


Last week, Kinger's Army took down another men's hockey GIF to the tune of a 2:1 voting ratio. A worthy GIF, and the stakes are much higher with today's matchup, They will have to be score over and over against Vermont at their very best to advance.

Slice And Dice

This GIF tournament will unfortunately prove to be Johnny Gaudreau's last competition at BC. Depressing. This masterpiece is sure to put up a fight, but actually dispatched of its opponent in the first round by a smaller ratio than the ladies did in their matchup.

Another impressive matchup, both of which would be worthy of advancing to the Final Four. But only one can survive.

Here is your bracket:


...And 24 voting begins now.