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Boston College GIF of the Year: Elite 8 Matchup #3

Halfway through the quarterfinals

Streeter Lecka

Today's should prove to be a very interesting matchup.

Yesterday, Terrier In Flight easily sauntered its way into the semifinals, but I don't think we'll see an easy vote today. Let's meet the participants.

Just Short

In this corner, we have Just Short, who last week staged an incredible comeback after being down 75% to 25% almost halfway through the voting. It eeked by with a 55% to 45% victory, but proved to be a contender. It's also absolutely hilarious and fantastic.

Runs A Man Over!

In this corner, Andre Williams breaks some poor Clemson fellow by running him, quite literally, into the ground. DreWill dominated his first round match to the tune of a 91% to 9% vote, proving that poor Steve Donahue just can't couldn't catch a break here at BC.

Your updated bracket:


I fully expect quite the vote on this one. No ballot stuffing: D.B.A.D. You've got 24 hours, starting now.