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Boston College GIF of the Year: Elite 8 Matchup #1

The GIF tournament is back with an early elite matchup

Greg M. Cooper-USA TODAY Sports

Welcome, welcome. The first round is complete and the full bracket has been revealed:


The first matchup of the Elite 8 is quite the battle of the titans. The beauty of an unseeded bracket...

Have A Seat

Andre Williams was tied for the biggest margin of victory in the Sweet 16, giving quite the beatdown to poor Reggie #SOAR'n. Reggie's was a worthy GIF, but DreWill has laid to waste his share of opponents over the course of the year.

Army Of One

Another big victory in round 1 came courtesy of Johnny Gaudreau and his silky smooth hands.

Sigh. I miss that young man.

Round 2 once again has 24 hours for votes, and voting kicks off... Now.