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Boston College GIF of the Year: Sweet 16 Matchup #7

The penultimate octofinal matcup


Coach Donahue was about as successful in this year's GIF tournament as he was at winning basketball games. That is to say, not good. Yesterday's matchup was not competitive. Although to be fair, Andre Williams just treated the Donahue GIF like it was a hapless defender.

Moving on.


There were a lot of really slick women's hockey goals this season, but this one was really set itself apart. All 5 ladies on the ice for BC touched the puck before Emily Field snapped home the goal past a helpless Catamount.

Straight's Layup

This game was really one big party, and this Hayes/Straight combo fit right into the theme. Hayes spin-o-ramas the puck to Straight who utterly embarrasses the BU goalie.

As requested by discostu1974, I've included the margins of victory for each matchup in the updated bracket, starting today:


You've got 24 hours to vote, and 24 hours until we reveal the last GIF matchup.