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Boston College GIF Of The Year: The All-Odio Final

After weeks of voting, it all comes down to Odio vs. Odio

Jamie Sabau

Odio vs. Odio. NO-dio vs. Alley Oo-dio. YOLOdio.

After weeks of voting and 14 worthy challengers, here is where we stand:

This week's semifinals were both two of the closest votes of the whole tournament, with the winner barely nabbing 55% of the vote in both cases.

First up was the Eddie Odio Block Party, which ousted BC softball's Maria Pandolfo and her insane catch against GTech. Earlier in the tournament, it was able to best Anderson's slam as well as Coleman chest bumping baldwin after a touchdown.

Then we had Alley Oo-dio, the inbounds dunk against Duke, which took a tight contest against Johnny Hockey and the Canadian Ginger. Earlier on, Spaz Doesn't Know and BC women's hockey's Emily Field fell by the wayside to Odio's ridiculousness.

Time for the finals.

Eddie Odio Block Party:

Alley Oo-dio:

So there you go. In 24 hours, we will unquestionably know which GIF is the greatest of all time. Or at least from BC anyway.