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Boston College GIF Of The Year: Semifinal #1

Pandolfo vs. Odio

Michael Ivins-USA TODAY Sports

And so we've reached the Final 4.

Eddie Odio manages to get two entries into the Final 4 because he's a beast... but faces monumental challenges in each matchup with Maria Pandolfo and the tandem of Matheson and Gaudreau standing in his way.

BC football gets zero entries into the Final 4. Kind of like the WCHA this year, amirite guys??

Pandolfo Robs GTech:

Maria Pandolfo's ridonkulous grab against the Yellow Jackets was able to take down Baldwin's visit to ESPN headquarters in the Elite 8.

Eddie Odio Block Party:

Eddie NO-dio eliminated another hoops GIF last week, taking down Ryan Anderson and his slam against Georgia Tech.

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