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Boston College GIF Of The Year: Sweet 16 Matchup #4



Sorry for the technical difficulties, guys. The site has been down for a pretty good chunk of the last two days. If you wanted to vote but couldn't... well, sorry. But take solace in the fact that Ryan Anderson's dunk kicked the crap out of Gionta's faceoff win and your vote probably wouldn't have mattered anyway. #America

I was considering keeping that poll open for another day because of the technical difficulties. But then I didn't.

For this one, voting will end on Saturday morning, 8 AM. Onward.

Coleman Chest Bumps Baldwin:

Coleman aka Freedom goes in for a monster chest bump with Baldwin after a touchdown. Hey, we won that game! And also, hey, a football gif! Neat.

Eddie Odio Block Party:

Oh Eddie Odio, you filthy animal, you. A montage of some of Eddie Odio's greatest blocktastic moments of the season.

Happy voting, kids.