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Boston College GIF Of The Year: Sweet 16 Matchup #2

Moving right along with a matchup between Maria Pandolfo and Reggie Jackson

Streeter Lecka

Day two of the BC GIF Of The Year competition brings us two worthy entries.

Let's rock and roll.

Pandolfo Robs GTech:

Pandolfo Robs GTech

BC Softball's Maria Pandolfo almost leaves the building to make a circus catch against Georgia Tech

Jackson's Dirty Layup:

Jackson's Dirty Layup

Reggie Jackson completely turns around one dude and then makes another dude trip all over himself before going all "two points" on everyone.

Remember that the poll doesn't always show up on mobile devices, so feel free to leave your pick in the comments and let us know you couldn't vote.

24 hours to vote... Go.