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Boston College GIF Of The Year: Sweet 16 Matchup #1

Kicking off our end-of-year GIF Battle Royale with a matchup between Baldwin and Johnny Hockey

Hey, something to do for a couple weeks!

We're kicking off our GIF Of The Year tournament this morning. Some background notes:

--We will unveil one matchup per day for the first round.
--Voting will close 24 hours after the original post.
--A word on stuffing the ballot: D. B. A. D. Voting from more than one device is fine. Voting 1000x on one computer is not fine. You know who you are.
--The matchups were seeded randomly. FA Cup Style. (*Dap* to the other three of you who get that)
--The voting criteria is literally anything you want it to be.

Enough of that. Let's rock and roll.

Baldwin Hits Glass:


First up is a clip from ESPN's SportsCenter commercial earlier this year. I see what they did there.

Gaudreau Owns UVM:

Matching up against Baldwin is Johnny Hockey with a goal against UVM that looked remarkably similar to The Goal in the 2012 NCAA title game.

Who you got?

EDIT: Looks like the poll won't show up on mobile. If you want to vote but can't, just leave your vote in the comments and let us know that you couldn't vote in the poll.