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BC Women’s Hockey Can’t Keep Up With #3 Northeastern In 5-0 Loss

An ode to the pain

BC Athletics

Boston College Women’s Hockey lost another tough one on Tuesday night against Northeastern, losing decisively by a final score of 5-0. We’re running out of ways to write “BC lost again” (regardless of the sport), so we’ll change it up a bit and write the recap in rhymed iambic pentameter:

We weren’t very good today, it’s true
And losing 5 to nil has left us blue
But really BC didn’t do too bad
A better shot diff’rential, BC had
For after giving up like 50 shots
To almost every team this year (that’s lots),
Northeastern only put up 36
And Abbey Levy kept us in the mix
However, BC’s offense couldn’t deal
With all Northeastern’s talent and their zeal
Alas, the shutout was their final fate
And so the losing streak will not abate

Up next the Eagles spar with Holy Cross
(Yes, they that only eat of applesauce)
Crusader Women’s Hockey struggles much
So facing them right now is pretty clutch
In league they’ve won just one in sixteen games
A loss to them would be dog-sits-in-flames
So while right now the Eagles’ eyes are black
Expect BC to get right back on track
The puck will drop this weekend and we’ll play
At 2pm on Friday/Saturday
Do not give up on Boston College yet
Come playoff time this team can be a threat