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BC Interruption’s 2021 Female Most Improved Player is Savannah Norcross

A wide open field for this BCI Award

BC Athletics

We close out the work week here at the BC Interruption Awards (the BCI-eys!) with the first of our two Most Improved Player Awards. This year’s Female Most Improved Player Award goes to Savannah Norcross of Boston College Women’s Hockey!

Norcross had a case to be most improved last season too, after improving dramatically on her 3-0—3 line freshman year in 37 games to a solid 11-6—17 line in 36 games as a sophomore. But the Eagles struggled and missed the NCAA tournament in 2019-2020, and really needed a player to come alive to carry the offense in 2020-2021. Norcross erupted this past season to be BC’s leading scorer, leading the team in goals by a country mile (12 vs. 7). She actually managed to put up more goals and more assists than she did in her sophomore season in roughly half as many games, going from 0.47 points per game to 1.05 points per game this season.

Norcross was a huge reason for BC’s return to the postseason this year, and looks to be even better next season with what should be a stacked lineup around her. Norcross beat out a truckload of other Eagles for the award, including Jenn Medjid, Clara Ford, Kristin Giery, and her women’s hockey teammates Hadley Hartmetz & Willow Corson. Special shoutout to Corson in particular for her evolution into a critical player for BC this year, going from 0.05 points per game last year to an incredible 0.71 points per game this season.